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on my way

on my way

Starting tomorrow I will be on my way to the left coast.

The plan is to put stuff in the movers’ truck tomorrow then head down to mom and dad’s. Mom and I will leave for Texas on Wednesday morning. We will stop in and see my cousin Ann in Woodlands on Thursday, before heading to San Antonio to see Byron for the weekend. Then, on Monday we’ll be off to Los Angeles. Just before arriving in Los Angeles the plan is to eat with Amy and her mom in West Covina. The next day mom has a flight back to Vienna from LAX.

Supposedly I have an apartment with Aaron now. The address (I think) is 4939 Cahuenga Blvd. apt. 3 North Hollywood CA 91601….but don’t qoute me on that one just yet! If you want to give me a call, my land line is gone, but I still have my cell phone (6142149132).

I will be offline possibly for a few weeks, so please don’t fret if I don’t reply to emails or comments on this blog. I may or may not be able to check all things net related in Texas, but Byrong is still in the process of moving into a new house, so we’ll see.

I dropped in on Kelly Friday and she happened to be there. I’m spending the day today packing stuff up, and going to have dinner with Aunt Anne. Maybe I’ll see my cousin Denise and one or more of her daughters…but they are probably out of the country as usual.

I’ll be packing up the modem and hub when I get back tonight, so that means bye bye internet. I’ll be off the grid for the longest time in four years, wonder if I’ll have email withdrawal syndrome.

Where to begin¡¦where to begin¡¦

Where to begin¡¦where to begin¡¦

On Friday night Amy and I saw Bourne Supremacy. It was ok. I thought it was better than the first one, but Mr. Machine disagrees. I thought the second one had more elements of espionage gleaned from movies like Patriot Games, which I like. The car chase seemed better too. Overall though I¡¯d have to say it was a B movie. I still don¡¯t ¡°get¡± Matt Damon.

Saturday night we went to see Collateral. The movie starts off slow, but picks up quick in the second act. Without giving too much away, I¡¯ll say I enjoyed the fact that one of our ¡°heroes¡± is killed off just as you think he is about to end the movie on a good note. I had read Ebert¡¯s review of the movie and he was unhappy with ¡°another summer subway ending in an action movie.¡± Too bad Collateral ends on the MTA¡¦not exactly the subway¡¦and neither was the transit system in Spiderman. The MTA seems to find a better place in Collateral than in Spiderman though. In Spiderman the subway was just a prop to provide a bit of action, but the MTA plays a central role in the philosophy espoused by Collateral. If you are quick, you can guess the ending of the movie when ¡°Vincent¡± (Tom Cruise) makes a comment about it earlier in the film. Ultimately, I wish Mann would have avoided this tacky ending though¡¦or at least making Vincent¡¯s last words a little less cheesy. Those of us who pay attention while we are watching films do not need to be reminded of characters earlier comments when they come to fruition later. Three of the four main actors in this film are major box office names (Jada Pinket-Smith, Tom Cruise, and Jamie Foxx). I don¡¯t like any of them. They all surprised me in this film though. Most surprising is how quickly we forget about the color of Tom¡¯s hair, and how far Jamie Foxx¡¯s roles have come since his ¡°asshole¡± role days; although, the scene with Felix (while necessary) reminds us of why we used to hate him. Foxx¡¯s saving grace comes late in the movie when he makes a very bold move when Vincent says ¡°what?!…what are you going to do about it Max?!¡± The fact that that scene sticks out the most in my mind must mean Foxx¡¯s portrayal of a slightly wimpy guy must have been good. We¡¯ll see how well he can play a confident (and rightfully so) Ray Charles without seeming like the asshole Jamie Foxx we all came to know in movies like Any Given Sunday.

Sunday. Alien Vs. Predator. Don¡¯t bother unless you are one of the Giger faithful, or perhaps I should say Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff faithful. The special effects were good enough, only a few scenes where the xenomorph¡¯s were noticeable CG. Somehow the predator¡¯s face seems much less animated than in the original movie. Also, c¡¯mon guys¡¦don¡¯t give every single predator (with their masks off) in the background the same dumb dumpy mandibles hanging out at the sides look. Throughout the film you¡¯ll hear yourself saying two things: The first being ¡°oh, hey!¡± when you see a reference to one of the other films in the two franchises (like when Lance stabs his pen in between his fingers alluding to the ¡°android trick¡± scene in Aliens) or to parts ripped from the novels and comic books. The second thing you¡¯ll say is ¡°oh¡¦hey¡¦wait a minute!¡± after noticing the plot holes that are too numerous to bother counting. The worst hole in the plot is the fact that they squeezed it into one hour and 27 minutes. That only allows for a few choice moments of Alien and Predator duels after we finish with the (lengthy for this short of a film) exposition. The predators seem dumber, maybe because these are supposed to be younger hunters than the ones in the other two films. As bad as the dialogue and plot are, I have to say that this film out does Alien Resurrection by spending less time on the characters. Paul Anderson realized that nobody was coming to see AVP for the actors, because we sure didn¡¯t go to Alien Resurrection to see Wynona Ryder. With no Sigourney Weaver¡¦why bother with character development? I like the potential suggested for a sequel, as cheesy as it was presented¡¦hell, why not? I¡¯d rather see AVP2 than American Pie 4.

In the past week, Amy and I played a lot of tennis. I¡¯m starting to understand the game, but it is immensely frustrating to deal with that net¡¦ I wonder if it will impact my racquetball game whenever I get to play again. Amy went to the Ohio State Fair on Monday and Tuesday and was fascinated by the local yocals. Even though she was here for more than ten days, it seems like it went by really fast. I have a feeling my life is going to be like that (fast) for at least another three weeks if not much longer. Amy is on a plane back to LAX as I write this. Once she arrives she¡¯ll play the role of ¡°real estate agent¡± for me as it appears I¡¯m all alone in my search for a living space now. Mr. Machine keeps telling me to wait on him, but at this point it is too late to wait any longer. All of my meticulous preparation means nothing if I¡¯m sleeping in my car in a Wal-Mart parking lot on September 1st.
By the way – yes I know in some browsers some weird shit is starting to happen with the punctuation in these entries…. I’ll look at that problem when I have time to worry about things that aren’t a basic human need (like housing).

I got no place else to go

I got no place else to go

I still do not know where I’m going to live. I’m calling one bedrooms and people that need roommates. Mr. Machine got a temporary job, but nothing viable to pay the rent. Time is getting short at this point, so I’m going it alone unless Mr. Machine miraculously comes up with something. Thusly I’m under a lot of stress.

Amy and I managed to go see Spiderman 2 this past weekend. It was about like I thought it was going to be. It was better than the first one…but not in the way T2 was better? It was better in the way that “this is what the first movie should have been.? I am not happy about the apparent return of the green goblin for number three. I’ve also never been a fan of Kirstin Dunst’s acting abilities, and she reminded me why again with this movie. They should do the Venom/Carnage storyline for the next movie. Maybe they are doing that anyway, since Mary Jane’s ex-fianc?was an astronaut making trips to the moon…if I recall that is where Spidey comes across the Venom suit? There were too many parts in this movie (angles, fades, zooms, cuts, etc.) that reminded me of Army of Darkness (and yes, I know why) and the awful silliness therein. The one saving grace was the opening credits. Instead of some lame Adobe Aftereffects manipulation of text over smoke or something he put in actual hand drawn comic-booky watercolorish artwork depicting scenes from the first movie. One of the best “flashback?sequences I’ve seen in a long time.

So anyway, I’m trying desperately to find a place for September. Amy is doing what she can, but not a lot of good leads so far…I’m running out of sources. I’ve heard from a few people on craigs list…so hopefully those will pan out. I’ve already put down a deposit for the movers?they will pick up my stuff on the 23rd.

I found out more bad news yesterday. Brian will not be joining me in Los Angeles. I don’t know if I’m at liberty to say why at the moment?but think about what happens to young men in small towns with big dreams and why most of them never make it out of the small town. Think Bruce Springsteen songs about “diving into the river?and so on. Even if I’m living out of my car in three weeks…I’ll be out of Ohio…and out of the grasp of the mid-ohio-valley plague.

Speaking of scary stuff… AVP opens tomorrow (right?). Looking forward to seeing that with Byron in a couple weeks when I’m in Texas. ….golly-gee…who saw this one coming?…

and this one…

“I couldn’t get a job with CIA today. I am not qualified.” — PORTER GOSS, President Bush’s nominee for CIA director, to documentary-maker Michael Moore’s production company during the filming of the movie “Fahrenheit 9/11.”