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Month: December 2010

Dad’s Birthday

Dad’s Birthday

Tuesday was both my parents’ last full day of their visit and my father’s birthday.   We had breakfast at Hart’s Coffee Shop before heading to Vasquez Rocks.  What is Vasquez Rocks, you ask?  Well… that’s where evil Bill and Ted killed the real Bill and Ted.

More famously it’s where this interspecies miscommunication happened:

It’s also where Spock’s parents lived:

But more recently it is where my parents and I climbed on some rocks for a few hours.  The whole site isn’t nearly as large or impressive as it seems on screen (the background in the last shot above is highly photoshopped).

After leaving the rocks we went to the Nethercutt Museum, my mother’s only request for this trip.  The museum houses what probably amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars of early automobiles (most cars in the collection are pre-1950s).  The ironic thing is that the museum sits in the middle of the trailer parks and Tijuana-esque shanty towns of Sylmar.

After walking through the museum we headed home to change clothes before going to dinner at Brandywine Restaurant.

the 13th

the 13th

On Monday morning I didn’t go to work – but instead enjoyed what was probably only the third vacation day I’d taken in 2010.  To celebrate this momentous occasion I went with my parents to Las Fuentes restaurant for brunch.  After that we went to Fryman Canyon, which I used to frequent but hadn’t visited in a few years.  I discovered that the winter is really the best time to hike there as the grass is growing and every little stream provides a 50 degree cool breeze.  We actually hiked farther than I have ever hiked on that trail before (and in quicker time) and turned back on the big staircase.  Not having the summer sun beat down on you really makes a difference on that trail.

After the hike we picked up some live crabs for dinner.  Sam joined us in time to eat.

After dinner Sam showed us how to properly cut and slice a fresh pineapple.  We finished the meal off by opening the sake jug she had bought as a Christmas gift for my parents last year (but they left it because they couldn’t fit it in their luggage).

Sunday – the day of rest

Sunday – the day of rest

Originally I’d planned to take my parents to Malibu Creek State Park for a five hour hike, but they requested a break from hiking after the previous two days’ outings.

We started the day at A&W Seafood buffet in Northridge and then headed to the Lamps Plus outlet store so my mom could shop for lamps for her new rooms (my parents just did some major construction on their home) and get some sorely needed bulbs for a few rooms in my home as well.

We were supposed to go to Moksha for dinner, but my parents declined that as well.  Mom wasn’t hungry and dad just wanted some good old American fatty food for once.  So, I headed down to Daglas for burgers, fried and onions rings.  Daglas’ “small” fries is about the same size as any other fast food restaurant’s large size and the fries are so soaked in grease that the paper bag is almost ripped open by the time you get it home.  Needless to say, between four adults we couldn’t finish the fries and onion rings and threw a sizable portion away.

Sam arrived just as I was leaving for Daglas.  She brought with her coconut jelly for desert.

More photos from graduation

More photos from graduation

More photos are starting to filter in from Saturday.  I still don’t have Victor, Myra or Cindy’s photos, but Sam gave me a 400 photo archive combined from four different cameras in her party (including a pro with a DSLR).  Here are some of my favorites:

Before the ceremonies with the OG Encino Kerns crew.

and just before we walk… (can you spot me?)

and after….

is this just another photo?….

or the photo that came in your last photo frame?!

Parents Visit Day 2

Parents Visit Day 2

On Saturday morning I walked across a stage, shook a few hands and left with a new acronym to put after my name.

More photos will be up on facebook (and maybe here) later that were taken by my friends that came to the event (thanks Cindy, Victor, JC and Myra!), but below are some of my mothers’ photos from the reception.

After the reception we changed clothes in the bathroom and headed to Solstice Canyon which is just up the road from Pepperdine’s Malibu campus.

After hiking we ate dinner at the seafood stand nearly within walking distance from the entrance to the park.

We then drove down to Beverly Hills to have some gelato at Al Gelato.

Afterwards we headed to Culver City so my parents could experience a “real” art show opening.  The “New Realism” show opened at Thinkspace at 7pm.  We were there at 7pm and…. nobody else was.  By the time we were leaving there were a few people at the gallery, but this was in stark contrast to the usually jam packed Thinkspace opening nights.  Or perhaps it was simply because we were there at 7pm and not 9pm.

Parents’ visit Friday

Parents’ visit Friday

On Friday morning I picked my parents up at LAX.  Despite getting up at what would have roughly been 2am PST they were down for a full day of Los Angeles…ing.

First we went to Little Ethiopia and ate lunch at Messob.  Below is dad scooping up some lentils with injera.

From there we went to the fashion district to grab an air mattress that one of Sam’s coworkers had generously allowed me to borrow for the weekend.  Our next stop was the Hive gallery so my parents could see their son’s work up on a real Los Angeles art gallery wall.

An hour or so later we were in Temescal Canyon hiking up the hill.  We finished the four mile hike in about two hours and decided to skip watching the sunset on Will Rogers beach so we could head to dinner.

Dinner at Abuelitas on Topanga Canyon was actually really bland and our food took a long time to make even though there were very few other patrons.  I’d gone there with Byron in 2009 and I remember the food being pretty good.  Not sure what happened between then and now….

Art Walk December

Art Walk December

Sam and I went to the Art Walk on Thursday night.  It was dead.  There weren’t very many open galleries.

There was a new “gallery” that was referred to as the Art Walk Lounge.  In the back there was a circle of easels with canvases.  It seemed like the people doing live paintings were complete amateurs (perhaps just art walk attendees?).

However, there were free Jarritos bottles being passed out by the door, so it all worked out.  Well… not exactly.. Jarritos is so bad I couldn’t even finish a whole bottle.

Another gallery had a digital canvas where participants could use a fake spray paint bottle and “spray” their words onto a transclucent screen.

Despite the lack of people (and galleries) on this art walk there were still plenty of crazy people and street musicians, sometimes both at the same time.

Lastly, we came to the Hive.  This month the theme was simply art under $300.  The “tall wall” was taken by Larkin, one of my favorites artists that regularly exhibits there.

below is my little 7″x5″ piece on the wall.  Even though it’s really small it took me a month to make because I had to do it while completing my MBA (more on that in a future blog post).