The mind in characters.

Despite encouragement as far back as English profs in high school, I ignored my temptations to publish written media for decades. Third place behind my love of the visual and sonic arts, writing was my own experimental step-child that I struggled to find a place for.

That’s a lie, obviously. If you’re reading this, then you’re aware of that “blog” tab up at the top. And if you keep reading back through old posts you’ll see that I’ve been writing (although not necessarily editing or creating great works of outstanding prose) and publishing since 2001. In the time between then and now I’ve also written and edited screenplays and novels. Some got made or published, most didn’t (yet).

In 2014 Sam and I had an old television on for background ambiance while we ate lunch in my old condo in Reseda on a steamy summer afternoon. The content on the tv featured the old canard of aliens visiting ancient Iraq to create the Baghdad Battery.

I mentioned to Sam that the battery was likely real, and probably had a better explanation (as most things do) than “aliens did it.” In fact, I postulated that in short periods of previous human empires great discoveries in science were likely made and forgotten. The creation of a simple battery (it’s just chemistry, guys, no aliens needed) is entirely believable for a culture (ancient Iraq) that made discoveries in mathematics.

After listening to me harping she challenged me to write about it.

That novel, The Pharaoh’s Electrician, started a five-year novel-writing kick. TPE was never published since (as usual) aspiring novelists first few pieces are absolute trash.

However, more ideas followed and those can be found as sublinks to their Amazon pages on the writing tab in the menu.

I’ve also done a few stand-alone articles for The La-La Lander.

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