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Month: June 2003

commissioning tech

commissioning tech

Celeste can finally confirm that she did in fact get into the radiologic technology program.

Went home this past weekend and got some good pictures of B’s commissioning and a lot of nature shots from my parents’ ever evolving garden/backyard. They will be up on the site at some point. Going to be gone for the next four days so don’t count on seeing anything too soon. Also have pics of four new paintings, but those won’t be posted just yet either.

I’m trying to figure out this flash thing and just when I think I’ve got something down, it decides not to work right anymore.

My grades are in, AABS. So it looks like I’ll never get back up to a 3.7 ever again.

While we are in Twinsburg this weekend, we’ll take the car on over to the original dealership and see what they think of this magic tire. We’ll also see what they can do about the continuous loud “oh that’s normal” squealing brakes.