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Month: January 2005

did you know in germany they say “red with envy” instead of green?

did you know in germany they say “red with envy” instead of green?

so I got an email from Aaron this morning about the show (Volto! featuring Danny Carey on drums) he and Matt went to last night. I was invited, but the show didn’t start till 9:30 so I knew I’d be dead tired by the time it was over…

anyway…without further jealous blabbering on my part here you go:

email from Aaron to Andrew Friday January 21st 2005:

no estes triste senor!

Alright dude, first of all, the show was fantastic. the sound was great, it
was like them playing in the living room and sound levels were perfect, such
an intimate setting. As the band is walking up to play (btw, there is no
stage, it’s all floor level) they are saying what’s up to all their friends
walking through the door. it was like a gig in someone’s back yard. they did
some original stuff and played a few of rock/blues covers. Very interesting
and musically and technically amazing. Danny can do everything. Every
style, he was doing blues, jazz, fusion jazz, rock, they did it all. They
did Fire from Jimi Hendrix and Texas Flood from Stevie Ray Vaughn. the
guitarist absolutely shreds, I could not believe how amazing he was. matt
and I were actually impressed by him more than anyone. Wow. Just wow. Ok,
so after the show I went up to Danny and patted him on the back and said
great show, he was like thanks man, we shook hands, i told him how much i
appreciated it. he was very cool, down to earth and a chatterbox, he was
talking to everyone, so my whole image of him was shattered, I thought he
was gonna be this serious, brooding guy. He was high smiling, high-fiving,
giving ladies kisses, so that’s when I knew I could go in for the kill. I
went to take a leak then I came back to talk to him because everyone was
just chillin talking with him at the bar, we were clinking beer bottles with
the band, there was a small group of people just chatting with him, I guess
acquaintances and friends of the band, mailing list people, etc. I then
decided to ask for an autograph and he was like “sure man, let me get my own
pen.” he wanted to make sure that he signed with a sharpie for whatever
reason. So it was just myself and this one other guy and DC and we started
talking about volto! and the projects he’s working on, and then I couldn’t
help myself but ask him about tool, i prefaced it with “you must be asked
this a million times.. but..”. I asked him about tool’s future and he told
me “yeah, man we’ve got like at least 2-3 more albums to put out.” I asked
him about the DVD and he said that “it’s definitely gonna happen, there’s
just some issues with the company who’s putting it together and conflicts
with rights to video concert footage, etc.” it should be out before the end
of the year for sure. then I was thinking sweet, so then i just confirmed
with “so the DVD is definitely happening?” he was like “for sure man”. so i
asked if he could talk about the TOOL rumors of a coachella showing. this
is where i got an interesting response. He didn’t say no, but he didn’t say
yes. He said “Maybe” I told him about a NIN TOOL double bill and he said,
I dont know maybe. that doesn’t mean NO. because i think if it were a NO
he might just say no, and what does he have to benefit by lying about an
appearance. i figure if they’re not gonna play it, why would they care
about misleading people into thinking they would play it. So Matt figured
there was probably a contractual obligation thing where they couldn’t say
exactly yes so they have to say maybe, because that might be simpler for the
record company or whatever or the coachella promotional people seeing as
there is no confirmed list yet. you have to go the next one so you can meet
and chat with DC he’s cool people. He had a cool Fishbone t-shirt with the
sleeves cutoff, playing in the usual KU shorts. anyway, i’m just hyped cuz
i got to meet one of my favorite drummers and actually talk to him in that
kind of a setting for a little while. your ass better be there next time, i
dont care how tired you are. you don’t get many opportunities like this 😉
they’ll be at “la ve lee” next month. later player.

He is probably right about not lying about the Coachella. When I met Abe Cunningham years ago I asked him if they would do Ozzfest again (as there were rumors that they would). He said “No, we hated that.” The Deftones were never on the bill for ozzfest again.

The best live shows I’ve ever seen (considering stage presence, lighting, sound levels, everything) go like this: #1 Nine Inch Nails #2 TOOL #3 Pantera

Now obviously we aren’t going to get a triple bill since Dimebag is gone, but if you put the first two together, I’m there!



Does anybody else notice how much the 2nd half of TQOTSA’s “You can’t quit me baby” sounds like Radiohead’s “pyramid song?” Not the whole the whole thing, but that one chord change that keeps coming up between minute 3 and 5 (of You can’t quit me baby). Every time I listen to it I want to hear that extra chord that Radiohead puts in there and Thom’s little “oooh wooo woo woo” in the background…really irritating…



So I had a guy in the IT department at work check out my drives. They run fine when hooked up as slaves (so windows doesn’t boot from them). He copied some essential files back into the startup folder (or something) and said it should work. It didn’t.

I was so pissed that I decided to go and play racquetball. The place was packed. I would have had to wait at least an hour to play on the “challenge court.” So, another dissapointment there. When I got back Aaron was preparing to go to a show and meet Danny Carey (the club is the size of our living room), something I wouldn’t miss for the world if I didn’t have to work the next day.

So now I have to wait till next week (or later) for this new Dell I ordered to arrive. Once that happens I can plug the drives in as slaves to the Dell HD and get my files out. Then I’ll toally reformat them, plug them back into the old computer and reinstall windows.

Speaking of the new computer, I was mislead by Dell’s “product information” to think that my video card was dual VGA… Jon told me it wasn’t. I spent TWO HOURS on the phone with the Dell people last night only to end up with some girl in India that told me it doesn’t have dual VGA ports, but all I need is a splitter. Keep in mind that this was the “technical support” department and she didn’t know what dual VGA ports meant….. She told me to just wait until it gets here and return it if it doesn’t have what I want, at that point I got quite angry (I’d basically spent 90 minutes with 99% of that on hold) and told her I wanted to cancel my order if it didn’t have it, I didn’t want to waste time waiting for something I might not want only to return it and wait wait wait some more. She said she would transfer me to someone that could help me with that…after being on hold for another half hour I was transferred to a dial tone. If it doesn’t have dual monitor support then all I have to do is buy a dual monitor capable video card (under $50) so it isn’t a huge big deal…but I feel mislead as a customer. Too bad nobody in India cares.

So, I can’t check my email at home anymore for obvious reasons (except when Aaron lets me use his computer). When I tried to check it this morning I got this message:

“Sorry for the inconvience!
The root partition on this server is running out of disk space. Cpanel operation has been temporarily suspended to prevent something bad from happening. Please ask your system admin to remove any files not in use on that partition.”

so….great. I’m off the grid apparently with no computer or email account.

at least this way the T-1000 can’t find me



karma…it’s all karma

Last Saturday I went to the beach with Aaron. We went to Crystal Cove, a little state park near Laguna Beach which is just south of Newport Beach (which has the highest concentration of Ferraris I’ve ever seen). (I also saw a 1970s mint condition Diablo driving around) I took a lot of pictures (and then emailed them) and made some phone calls. Both to rub it in, and to motivate certain people to come visit. Looks like Karma caught up with me though.

Monday night I installed Microsoft AntiSpyWare Beta. It found a bunch of crap on my computer and asked me to restart “for the changes to take effect.” Well…the “changes” had a huge effect. My computer refuses to start. I keep getting a fatal system error that restarts the whole process just before it would get to the logon screen. I tried starting it in safe mode, last known good configuration, and every other option. None of them make a difference. I went to Frye’s and got a $110 Norton SystemSomethingorother that is supposed to recover files…nothing happened. I may be able to get back into my drive when I get (somehow) an XP startup disc and can install the recovery console. However, I’m taking this as a sign that I’ve procrastinated too long in building/buying that new computer I need. The oldest parts on my computer will be five years old this March. The newest parts will be at least four (correct me if I’m wrong, Jon). Even if I get a new computer tomorrow, that won’t get me back the precious files I have on that drive… I NEED those files back! This wouldn’t just be artsty fartsy photoshop files I’d lose…it would be excel documents with insurance information…pages and pages of information on my little venture, etc. I haven’t burnt anything off maybe since I left Columbus. I was mulling over buying a backup drive in the meantime while I priced new computer parts…looks like I waited a little too long.



Y’all remember that little trip to the emergency room I had back in November?

Remember how the bill finally came last month and I was relieved to find that the bill was only $52?

Today I got another bill from them saying that my payment is past due and I owe them $287!!

I checked online and they never cashed my first check. The whole format of the bill is different than the first one though so I have no idea what is going on. When I try to call all I get is an answering machine saying to leave my account number and they will call me back…

In any case I feel like I’m getting screwed.

In other news: my roommate was bestowed a brand new Honda Accord sedan last night.