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Month: October 2008

even more dangerous

even more dangerous

Apparently now my neighborhood has drive by shootings too!

I drove by this spot (probably one block north) on my way to the gym about 40 minutes after this happened. I remember looking down one street (Tampa) and seeing police and wondering what was going on…

scary movie 4

scary movie 4

I had Scary Movie 4 on in the background while I was finishing my Pepperdine application just now. We all know that the Scary Movie series parodies well…scary movies (duh). However, I just noticed that in the War of the Worlds “meet your neighbor” scene spoof the music that plays louder and louder is obviously a rehashed Hoppipolla melody.

I don’t think anyone who watches the scary movie series would ever be listening to a band like Sigur Ros… how interesting. Somewhere a production assistant is thrilled that he/she put his/her inside joke (joke?) – and I’m not the only one that has noticed!

I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Chase Park

Chase Park

On Saturday morning Cindy and I headed to Chase Park in Woodland Hills. She had asked me to take some photos of her doing her kettlebell thing for her website. She returned the favor and took some of me as well.

This is what I look like when waving to the crowd.

This is what I look like when throwing the 35 pound bell.

Cindy is trying to get me to sign up for match again. I’m not particularly interested, at least not yet. I’m probably just delaying the inevitable. …anyway – this is my attempt to look like one of the “jerks on match.”

See, MJ was right, it’s still cool to climb trees.

About to demonstrate proper (non-hair related) curling technique.

Demonstrating locked elbow with the heavy bell.

how the economy affects me

how the economy affects me

2008 saw the cancellation of a few long-term freelance projects I was working on.

I was curious last night and ran the financial numbers…

My gross income at year’s end is going to be less than the previous year for the first time in my life.

After running the numbers – it took me 9 months this year just to make half the amount of money in freelance that I made in 2007.

I guess the sinking economy really is hurting everyone. My HOA dues are going up next year by $23 a month and the only other long-term big freelance client I have is closing down.

I always thought I’d get a new (better) car when I’d had the 6 for 5 years. Now the car is rapidly deteriorating (even the in-dash storage compartment broke a few weeks ago) – but there is no way I can get a new car of even equal value for years to come unless something changes with my financial situation drastically. I certainly don’t need a new car – it runs well enough, just interesting how your situation changes all the time.

With school on the way my financial situation is going to change drastically soon enough – just not in the right direction.

And love life – well we won’t even touch the downswing in that market this year…

My 401k and IRA are tanking – making me feel really good about being so “responsible for my age” and contributing to them.

I just need some cheese to go with all this whine and I’ll have a nice picnic at the Getty. Oh wait – they close at 5pm now and raised the parking price to $10…. nevermind…



Yet another film trailer utilizing the under appreciated soundtrack to The Fountain. Maybe if they use it enough people will research it and go watch the original film for which the music was specifically written (and fit really really really well in)??


After all we didn’t see frat boys go out and buy any Sigur Ros albums after they used a song from Takk in the tailer for City of Men.



I often say I would never see weezer today, and wish I could have in 1996 or 1997.

From the looks of this set list from the show at the Forum earlier this month it appears they at least know not ALL the people in the audience are dumb kids who associate Weezer with TRL instead of 120 Minutes.

I see a nice selection of old songs (even Suzanne, which to my knowledge only appeared on the soundtrack to Mallrats – a movie nobody under 25 has seen I’m sure) with only the TRLest juicy (crappy) pop tunes mixed in to keep the teenage girls screaming.

My parents can chime in and remind me that back in 1995 I was even a card carrying weezer fan club member… and I still have the exclusive christmas single (1996?) to prove it – as well as the signed (by Brian Bell) Space Twins EP (was it an EP? there were only two songs).