Dead Monkeys

Dead Monkeys is a novel now available on Amazon

Although there’s a bit of violence in my other self-published pieces, Dead Monkey’s was the first to be unabashed in its adult themes. Sex scenes, gun violence, and so on pepper humor into serious abstract looks at the long-term blowback from corporate and commercial ventures. Designer bacteria? Corporate statehood? Unintended consequences of designer genetics? Global warming?

All that and talking dogs too.

This book didn’t start out as a book, it started out as a rejected short for the Climate Fiction Contest. The original short still remains in the novel in two parts: The Trial, and the sci fi book-within-a-book chapter.

As I was editing the short story with the intentions of releasing it as a Kindle short read I realized there were more opportunities for the characters and situations to expand. Beyond that, I saw more opportunities to put humor and mixed media in my writing that I’d never tried before. The book features diagrams, a New Yorker style cartoon, and other humorous charts, drawings, and extras.

I know, I know, right now you’re thinking “WTF is this book actually about?”

And that’s why I’ve struggled to gain any traction with it since release. It doesn’t fit into any easy genre holes. A Venn diagram of many genres like dark humor, dystopian, sci-fi, and so on would have this squarely at the center.

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