The Human Values Trilogy

The Human Values Trilogy is a YA sci-fi book trilogy available on Amazon.

I used to be a regular on Reddit. I’ve since closed my account because conversations on there seemed to drift into the same left/right standoffs Facebook is known for. Why am I talking about Reddit at all when I should be telling you about this YA sci-fi book? Because the idea from this book came from a thread discussion about sci-fi books on Reddit. I posted asking if anyone would be interested in a sci-fi book discussing humanity’s value to aliens as a “rare animal” commodity. Some Redditors thought it was interesting, and some thought it was stupid.

I thought it was interesting enough to expand the premise (after sharing the first chapter on Reddit) into three books.

The trilogy starts off with the premise of a nerdy teenage girl just trying to survive after her neighborhood is attacked by an alien entity. Where it goes from there is different than a lot of other YA books. Sure, there’s a romance subplot, BFFs that betray (or did they?), and so on, but where most YA novels don’t go are discussions of race, ecological impact, moral concepts, and most unusually: the economics of alien species compete in a marketplace unbound by time and traditional (human) market forces.

Yeah, a YA novel about space economics. I went there. Which is probably why I can’t get any young adults to go there yet when my competition is Dystopian Hunger Games Knock-Off of the Week.

I’m also going against the Kindle writers code of only generating content for one genre or audience. The hardcore military sci-fi readers of The Filter Trap would not be able to pick this one up without re-adjusting their expectations.

But maybe since you’re here you’re ready. Give it a read. There are interesting bits of science, action, and humanity for every age.

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