Its halftime in the season opener for the buckeyes, we are up 21-7. I’m getting ready to travel. Turns out I will be in Cleveland with Celeste till Thursday. I have to take a greyhound up there at 8 in the morning, but once we get there we’ll go to Six Flags…..so it all works out.

I will be in Cleveland next Saturday as well…but this time to go to a TOOL concert (YES!!!!).

Aunt Lois, if you read this, I couldn’t get either of your son’s email addresses to work….

B, send me those poems man!!!

nevermind the earlier post about Star Fox 64….I bought it thursday.

mean people

first negative response to this site came in today (wow that was fast….). VVVPATVVV@aol.com wrote me an email at 3a.m.

“gets me nowhere, your site is that of aol homepage’s for the cronic chat masturbators, what can you possibly have to do with tool? just don’t email me with shit that doesn’t have to do that fucking important question i so desperatley inquire.

you should’ve come up with better in 50 hours maufrais, that page needs eye poppers, and your “photos”, well let’s just say, give me a reason to visit your page, and not just some ” hey i sucked maine’s dick to get my name here” website.”

…..its 4:30 in the morning….I’m going to bed