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I knew Roger wasn’t quite all there when he gave The Terminal 3.5 stars – the only Spielberg movie I almost walked out of. After that I took all his reviews with a grain of salt – although he’d probably be the first person to admit that ALL reviews should be read with a grain of salt.

Now, however, he has chose to enlighten us (pun intended) with his thoughts on other worldly things. Roger, there is a reason Tom Cruise is mostly mum about his beliefs. As such a cinemaphile you should know this, if a man (or woman) is known for doing just one thing extremely well, we don’t need or want to know anything that might pepper our opinion of him (like extremist religious or political views).

Also, it might be cool if this was on Roger’s PERSONAL blog… but as it is on his movie review page paid for and hosted by the Chicago Sun Times, that doesn’t seem like a smart business move. Although maybe it will just generate even more traffic (of which he commands the most already on that site I’m sure).

Anyway, ol’ Rog’ says some things here that don’t quite add up…

If there were only eight people that everyone descended from, how did we end up with different ethnic groups? Wouldn’t everyone have melded together from those eight people? Wouldn’t we have ended up the light brown people of the future? If the answer is “no, there were four ethnic groups on the boat – so each couple was a pure group” – well doesn’t that mean there was an incredible amount of incest after the first generation was born?? Extreme inbreeding would be the only way to explain the lack of homogenization. ….or you could just admit that African’s evolved to have dark pigment to prevent damage from the ever-present harsh sunshine on the continent. To ME that seems like a much simpler explanation.

Q. Since the earth was completely covered, even to the highest mountains, where did the waters go?

A. This is explained in Psalm 104, verses 6 and 7: “Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment: the waters stood above the mountains. At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.”

So…they just… went away. Okay, problem solved! Gee, that makes so much more sense now… the water just… went away…

A fossil claimed to be 200 million years old, found in Nevada in 1917, shows a shoe print. [See photograph] (I’ve included the photo in question at top)

A footprint is a shape. A shape modelled after a foot. All I see here is a somewhat circular loopy indentation. They might as well say it is proof that Jesus existed because hey – jesus had feet, wore sandals, and the print may have looked similar.

I don’t see toes. I don’t see a pattern. There doesn’t even really appear to be weight distribution. Also, who makes a shoe that has a ridge coming out from the heel (not going in, but OUT!)…wouldn’t that be a painful shoe to wear?! This could have been the impression of ANYTHING. Even a snake sunk into the sand…

By the way – is all we have left of this a photograph? Such a stunning piece of evidence supporting creationism should surely be in a museum (especially the creationism museum). But all we have is a photograph – and we know claims supported solely by photographic evidence are ALWAYS valid (I think we’ve been visited by thousands of different alien races by now, right, I mean the flying saucer photographs prove that).

They are nowhere near as old as evolutionists and archeologists say.” This is about as good as my argument that there is no god because “I don’t see him.” As in: “God doesn’t exist as much as Christians say.” See? See how easy I can verify my beliefs when only my own belief system is required for validation of said beliefs??

“I believe I’ll see a 100% pay raise on my next paycheck”

Somehow I don’t think the world works that way…

Honestly I think picking a “right” version of the ancient past is fruitless. We weren’t there. We will never know. Putting down pure opinions based on an old book rewritten too many times to stay true to the original and calling them “Answers” to scientific questions is laughable. Magic wizards from the sky could have come down and planted humans like flowers on the surface of the earth… or we could have evolved over millions of years. Either way we’re here together right now, we should try to figure out how to make our lives better in the here and now, regardless of where we think we came from or what happens when we die.



I’m subscribed at work to these weekly emails from Roy Williams (known as the “Wizard of Ads”). This Monday’s email was on a different subject. It cast a slightly different light on the interview I watched a week ago on 60 minutes with McCain. I walked away from the interview thinking McCain was a little more put-together than I previously thought – and Obama seemed more like a baby than I thought (when asked why he’d be a good president he practically threw a hissy fit that the interviewer actually wanted a reason).

However, if what Roy says in this email (and a lot of his other writing has a more conservative bent to it, so I’m inclined to believe) is true, McCain was just blowing smoke with his “tough talk” about the bail-out and has no idea what is going on (or doesn’t want us to know).



Can we stop dogging Ohio State for the Maurice debacle now?

Also, did anyone else see PayDay fumbling last night? The NFL doesn’t pay you to drop balls…

2 fumbles and 7 carries for 10 yards… brilliant highlight reel you’re putting together there for the scouts Joe!

Also… can we put Todd Boekman in the heisman race now since apparently throwing an interception and losing the game is what it takes. Oh wait, Boekman did it against the #1 team in the country (not an unranked bottom-of-the-PAC10) – that is unexcusable! Go Trojans!

60 worst

60 worst

I found an interesting article today here about the 60 worst intersections in LA. Let me know share my experiences with a few of these…

1. Lankershim Bl & Victory Bl*

I used to live right up the street from there! In the NoHo ghetto. I don’t know if I’d blame this on the intersection… or the illegal drivers…

13. Sherman Wy & Winnetka Av

Hey, this is a few blocks from my house! I go through this intersection any time I need to take the 101 to go anywhere. Doesn’t seem that dangerous to me…

15. Colby Av & Santa Monica Bl

A friend of mine just moved out of her apartment on Colby (off Santa Monica)….didn’t seem that dangerous..

16. Devonshire St & Topanga Canyon Bl

This is only dangerous because people speed down Topanga off of the 118 and don’t realize they now have to pay attention to street lights. (this is up by Stoney Point) Every time I hike I have to make a somewhat blind U-turn from the street parking to go back south on Topanga!

17. Hillhurst Av & Los Feliz Bl (why does this sound familiar? …I think this is one of the griffith park entrances)

22. Barrington Av & Wilshire Bl

This is a familiar intersection so someone I used to spend a lot of time with.

26. La Cienega Bl & La Tijera Bl
I believe this is the LAX conjestion area, never really had a problem…

38. Laurel Canyon Bl & Ventura Bl
Used to go through this intersection to go hiking all the time, lot of uppity rich honk-friendly folks down there.

53. Centinela Av & Santa Monica Fwy W/B Ramps
yet another area familiar to someone I was very close to. There is always construction along the 405 ramps in this area so people probably get confused a lot.

54. Coldwater Canyon Av & Ventura Fwy E/B Ramps
I go through this intersection every time I play racquetball, I didn’t know it was that dangerous.



As a good friend of mine is going through some major changes and decisions right now about what he’ll be doing and where he’ll be living in six months he introduced this to me.


and then there were 2

and then there were 2

Today I watched my black moore slowly gulp it’s last (drink?).

I’d noticed a few days before that all its scales had either fallen off or turned white.

Late last night I happened to pass by the tank and saw the culprit in action. My algea eater had been quietly sucking the scales off of the black moore (although completely ignoring the shubunkin).

By this morning the black moore was floating (but still alive) at the top of the tank, and at 2pm I pronounced him dead.



Another unfortunate accident occured on the LA Metro this morning (maybe Tom Leykis is going to switch from flash fridays to crash fridays). In an article about the crash I found these interesting statistics:

The accident rate for freeways in 2007 was 1.09 per million miles driven.

The accident rate for the Blue Line in FY08 was 17.1 per million miles operated.

The fatality rate for streets in 2007 0.012 per million miles driven.

The fatality rates for the Blue Line in FY08 was 1.77 per million miles operated.

Interesting because only recently I’ve started using the Metro system to get around when I can (I never drive to downtown anymore). Maybe I should stop.

Justin and I broke in his birthday chess board last night. We are deadlocked at 1-1. The first game I didn’t remember all the rules… and the second I think he was under the influence.

dios malos

dios malos

At 10pm last night Aaron and I headed to Spaceland for the free Dios Malos “residency” show (they play Mondays all this month for free).

Cindy and Peter met us there. When we arrived Rolling Blackouts were on stage doing their best Rancid impression.

The crowd was a mix of kids that either borrowed their parents’ clothes, or their older brother/sister’s who was really into Grunge. A lot of flannel. A lot of tattoos. A lot of short and messy hair. Not a lot of shaving.

Dios took the stage over red lamps around 11pm. The songs were well played (their drummer is especially skillful and animated), and they had good stage presence. As the set wore on it got on my nerves how much they seemed to borrow from other bands. One song in particular I could have started singing the lyrics to Island in the Sun on top and not missed a beat (and I don’t like post-1996 weezer). Another song sounded a little too much like the beginning of the The End.

They played a song in the middle of the set that was introduced as “A Beck song from before 1996 when Beck started to suck.” I remembered the “truck” song from their last show and pondered if it was really a Beck song (Dios jokes around a lot on stage).

Apparently it is a Beck song called Fume from 1993.

Eventually the songs started to roll into one long Brian Wilson omage with too many triplets. At about ten till midnight Cindy, Aaron and I left Peter on his own.

Kind of a shame. Dios has some good tunes. They are even big enough to show up on Pandora. They chose not to play any of these more “radio friendly” songs last night (at least before we left).