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Art Walk Silver Globe Road

Art Walk Silver Globe Road

When I was at my parents house I decided to make a catalog of all the artwork hanging there. I quickly discovered there were more paintings that are in trash bags in the basement. Quite a few of them I forgot that they even existed.

Just for fun I’ll catalog them all here with a brief description, think of it as Art Walk Silver Globe Road.

Mr. Crab was etched out in vinyl when I was at some early point in high school. This piece can currently be seen on the door to the Bedroom Gallery.

Currently housed in the Bedroom Gallery, this is my first oil painting. Painted during an introductory painting class at the Betsy Mills Club. I believe this is probably in my pre-armpit hair phase.

This one is a pastel piece seen on the door of The Lavatory. In the middle you can see me and my at the time date/girlfriend. I think this was the girl from Williamstown. I want to say her name was Brittany and she was 17 – I was 16. I wrote a song about her, but I only saw her a few times. The couple in the background were my friends Ben and Amanda. I didn’t draw the faces because I wasn’t good at it and didn’t want to screw it up.

This painting is hidden behind the christmas trees in the Living Space. This was one of my first oil paintings, probably done somewhere in the early double digit phase.

This painting is hidden behind the door to The Basement Gallery. It is one of the few paintings I did in college in acrylic I believe. This piece was done with several others that had the only requirement of “being abstract.” Yes, that is an animal with a rider. What kind of animal? What kind of rider? Where are they going? Is that a star?

I hate abstract art…

This pastel drawing is a strange nearly negative image of two brooms. Fittingly enough it appears framed and behind protective glass in the heated Kitchen Gallery.

This painting is supposed to be of fruits. They look weird. Like I bought “neon” paints or something. Curiously this is not in the Kitchen Gallery – but has a semi-permanent residency in La Bedroom.

This painting is also curiously not in the Kitchen Gallery but in La Bedroom. This piece was donated to the Silver Globe after previous residence in the 20th Avenue Space.

This Elephant is made of paper mache and hangs from the top of the wall by the the stairs in the Billiard Room. I was 15 or 16 when I made it.

This was the beginning of my long love affair with nearly naked bald men in animal print underwear. Or it may have something to do with this. This life-size (although not life-like) portrait hangs in the Billiard Room.

This watercolor was done early in high school. I believe the assignment was to imagine a scene from Alice in Wonderland. This piece can be seen on the west wall of the Billiard Room.

Here we see an intricate pencil portrait of Ralph Fiennes. This Billiard Room piece is upstaged by the outstanding work of Green Hanging Folder (in the art world we usually just abbreviate it to GHF) and Wolohan Lumber Receipts.

Another Billiard Room piece. This piece was an assignment to show what a future room might look like. Currently this piece is taking part in a “art interaction” experiment with the Stereo Amplifier Group (from Japan).

One of my first oil paintings in high school (there weren’t many) depicting a fictional coastline. This piece can be seen in the Billiard Room.

This Billiard Room ebony pencil drawing is part of an interactive symbiotic piece in which the pool cues take the place of the guitar strings of the guitar depicted in the drawing.

This Billiard Room piece is unremarkable except for the reason that I recently saw art made in this same fashion and with less detail by a “professional” at the Los Angeles Art Walk. I explained to my fellow Walkers how easy it was to make these.

This Billiard Room piece is another in the “art interaction” series. The original painting was made with paint and glue. The piece is now overshadowed by a specially cut wood panel covering all but the top of the subjects head – symbolizing how we are all drowning.

I had a photo of my cousin Andrea wearing a gardening hat (one of those round wide straw hats) with her head down. When I decided to paint this I didn’t realize that it would look like she was wearing a space helmet, or had a plate for a head – and so on. This was pulled from the Long Archives.

From the Long Archives. I don’t know when I painted this. In college I think.

Another from the Archives from the forced abstraction series. It was so awesome I didn’t even take it out of the bag for fear of damaging it.

Another from the Archives from the forced abstraction series. It was so awesome I didn’t even take it out of the bag for fear of damaging it.

This Archived painting was supposed to be of my ex girlfriend in college. It kinda looks like her… if she looked all weird and deformed. (which she didn’t)

I completely forgot that this painting ever existed. I kind of like it and might rework it for a future painting. Although I’d have to make sure that the “diver” no longer looks like he has been burnt alive.

From the Archives. I think was inspired by this as well. What is even more interesting though is what happened on the back of this – a piece I gessoed myself and didn’t do a very good job:

As you can see, I didn’t gesso very well, and the oil paint seeped through to the back of the painting. I think this makes a very interesting abstract painting (or at least the beginnings of one). No, I’m not sarcastic this time.

Another from the Archives from the forced abstraction series. I kind of like this one… maybe. You aren’t meant to know whether it is upside down or not. This reminds me of The Fountain, even though the movie wouldn’t come out for another four years.

For whatever reason I remember painting this very vividly in my bedroom at my parents house when I must have been a freshman in high school. In any case it must be in high school because clearly I borrowed the ok computer album leaf people. Also you can faintly see in the background where I painted over a scene outside of our studio art classroom. This same shot can be seen in Byron’s photos on his facebook page I think.

A shot of the Long Archives (note the security – “ammo”)

This piece was a collectable in a series of 1. I think I made this out of clay for my dad for fathers day when I was a kid. Or maybe I’m adding to much story to something that was essentially a 3D doodle.

This piece in the Bookshelf Gallery is called The Ugliest Doorstop.

And our tour ends with this piece, showcased in the ultra modern Hidden Corner Behind Magazines Gallery. I don’t think it was originally so mangled looking…



Welcome to PALIN country! You’ve come a long way, baby! (taken a few hundred feet up the road — and two months after the election — from the house I grew up in)

On Monday morning I awoke at an ungodly hour (PST) to ride to Columbus and meet up with my cousin and two aunts. These two aunts in particular I remember took me out to eat at O Charleys just a few weeks before I moved to California. We went to Brio at Easton, just a block away from where I used to work. My cousin caught us up on the goings ons for her multitude of brothers and sisters, and my aunt warned us all on the dangers of eating evil sushi.

The Columbus airport wasn’t packed. My flight to Houston had two empty seats. The flight to LAX however was an entirely different story. All 216 seats were occupied. We took off late by 45 minutes and had to sit on the tarmac at LAX and “wait for a tow to the gate.” The car park pick-up was easier than I thought – but I still shiver at the idea of some goofball driving around in my car for five days (my car smells like cigarettes and various other nefarious things now).



On Sunday I woke up to home-made buttermilk blueberry waffles with homemade apple syrup and homemade apple juice (are you noticing a theme here). There was also sausage -but we didn’t kill the pigs.

In the early afternoon I headed over to my old friend Kenny’s house. I hadn’t seen Kenny since just before I moved to California (summer of 2004). My other old friend Jason was already there – I hadn’t seen him probably since high school. Both of them still looked almost the same as I remembered, but both had wives, Jason had two kids running around and Kenny had one on the way. Mike, a guy that had floated around in similar circles of friends (and bands) in high school came over as well, and we went down into the basement for a jam session. Jason, Kenny and Mike have been jamming for quite a while down there.

Someday I’ll try to put up the video I took of a few of the songs on youtube. stay tuned.

Towards the end of the jam Cliff showed up and followed me to my parents’ house for dinner.

Dad made his specialty – Beef Roast.

Cliff and I talked shop (music) until it was time for him to go and me to pack. He introduced me to Does it Offend you, Yeah? and I introduced him to more music than I can name.



On Saturday the majority of my mother’s extended family came for a christmas visit. Many of these relatives I hadn’t seen since thanksgiving 2003 (if my memory is correct). Most of them didn’t look much older (except for the kids). One of my cousins looked a lot more like me without the Harley Davidson facial hair though.

The main courses consisted of coleslaw (from my uncle), mac n’ cheese, pulled pork, broccoli casserole and meatballs. I never knew my mother could make such a mean pulled pork.

My mother had never tried sake and decided to try some. I’ve never been a big fan of sake – but usually only because it is served (to me) hot. I convinced her to chill it before putting it out.

Grandpa flanked by two sets of grandsons. You can tell who the little brothers are because they’re always the tallest (why is that?!)

azure ray november 30th LA

azure ray november 30th LA

I searched for video of this show at the time of my original review, but there were none available… now on youtube there are lots…

PS – the reason these are so dark is that the security was actually pretty good about catching videotapers (several people near me tried it and got shut down pretty fast), so I’m assuming this is shot from chest height so security couldn’t see.



We had our christmas on Friday this year since I was flying on the (not) actual day of the christ child’s birth.

Here are some photos.

Yummy homemade spaghetti with homegrown tomatoes in the sauce. Of course you can’t see any of that since I murdered it with a pound of cheese.

On a trip to the mall (there is only one) I saw a store called “DEB” for “plump” women. In case you can’t read the tiny type on this banner it says: “It’s an attitude not a size” (I think we’re missing some punctuation there… but that isn’t why I felt compelled to take the photo) Mo’Nique would be proud.

Mom and her gift (the fan that “magically” spells out Ohio State stuff). I have to note that she was in the middle of preparing a huge dinner or she’ll kill me.

My dad got bored with gun collecting, so now he is collecting weapons from further east. This is his best Samurai Look.

My reaction after opening my gag gift. A pink “support breast cancer” highlighter and an authentic “Gabriel Brothers” shopping bag (those of you from the MOV know what I’m talking about).

The spread my mom prepared. Stuffed Cornish Hens, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn casserole and cranberries.

One can’t get out of a family christmas without pumpkin pie!

and something called “grasshopper pie” made of chocolate chunks, graham crackers and mint chocolate chip ice cream. My mother was enjoying it until she suddenly remembered that she doesn’t like ice cream.



I’m starting to get into Dylan.

Ironically most of these songs aren’t ever played on classic rock radio.

Stuff like:

4th Time Around
I Want You
You’re a Big Girl Now

christmas time this year

christmas time this year

I woke up at 5:30 and was on my way to LAX by 6. Of course, even though there were few people on the freeway – there was STILL an accident at the 101/405 connector.

I made it to JohnnyPark in about 35 minutes though. As I waited for their shuttle bus I saw three employees pile into my car and drive away. I think I’ll park at WallyPark next time. Even though JohnnyPark is three times as inexpensive… I just get visions of Ferris Beuhler when I see a bunch of minimum wage chumps jump into my car. Granted I’m not driving a vintage Ferrari, but the rest of the cars being left there were in the grampa genre (one grampa even stopped to unload his luggage right in the middle of the entrance, thus blocking me. His wife couldn’t figure out how to open the trunk from the drivers seat. It was raining a bit… so here was this frantic old man running back and forth from the trunk to the drivers window shooting momentary looks in my direction).

LAX was packed. The shuttle took a long time to get all the way around to Continental. Although not that many people were trying to get through Continental security – the man operating the x-ray machine was not the swiftest boat in Vietnam, and so we all had to wait forever. His wanding fairy lamented “you think this is bad, I gotta work with him all day, folks!”

Once in I actually had about an hour before the plane would begin boarding. So I started reading for my classes that start in two weeks. I ended up finishing up my readings for the first week of class on the flight. Well, for my first class anyway – the syllabus for Quantitative Analysis hasn’t even been released yet…

Speaking of the flight – my god, whomever thought that christmas day would be a quiet one for travelling was dead wrong. The flights were both packed and the airlines had to turn away about ten people on stand-by for the first one.

When I finally reached Columbus though I was greeted by a ghost airport. I figured I’d be able to find my parents (who were picking me up) quite easily – but this still managed to be confusing since the Columbus airport has four different levels (outside security) for some reason.

(ps – did I confuse anyone else with my post yesterday?)