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Maui Wowie

On Saturday we woke up dark and early before the sun in order to catch our Uber to LAX before 7am. We were flying southwest and had checked in the day before right at the buzzer, the instant we were allowed to, but still ended up in C group. When we finally lined up we […]


The Other Half

For many years Sam has wanted to visit the famous Christmas Markets in Europe. For many years I’ve wanted to at least set foot in the country where just under half my DNA originated (at least after the walk out of Africa where almost everyone’s originated). Dad’s half I connected with in Bavaria in 2016, […]


Yellowstone 2023

The Prologue We’d long planned a Long Yellowstone (multiple puns intended, as in the Long family) trip, but as time ebbed on, some Longs had young kids ill suited (yet) for dangerous national parks (some of the acid in those Yellowstone pools will boil and burn your flesh) and other folks (me) became concerned about […]


Family Visit 2022

I don’t blog much anymore. Partially because of self-induced covid precautions drastically narrowing the field of potential topics and partially because in today’s internet-of-things landscape blogging feels like throwing a stone into an ocean on another planet. The current consumption mode seems to be doomscrolling through three second copy and paste clips on Tiktok while […]


Parents Visit 2022

In the Before Times, a visit from my parents would begin a minor adventure. However, during a despite-what-Swanson-heirs-say ongoing pandemic, one must find enthusiasm for outdoor eats and indoor treats. In April the Biden administration had extended the mask mandate beyond the timeline of the trip, so I had fewer worries about a plane full […]

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