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Day: October 15, 2009

sometimes I regret this school thing

sometimes I regret this school thing

yeah, that’s right … a FREE Flaming Lips show. 



Oh, only the same night I have to take a midterm exam in Finance.

So, instead of listening to Race for the Prize and Do You Realize live I’ll be calculating the Capital Asset Pricing Model and writing a short essay on the cause of the S&L crisis.  Great.  I’ve paid to see Flaming Lips live (went with cousin Jeff I think back at the Newport during their “FM radio in concert” experiment)…and I’d pay to see them again.  but this is FREE….

Not bad enough that I don’t get to go to the Art Walk on Thursdays this term, but now I have to miss this…

This is the most extreme example of my creative soul being killed by my … business (?)/academic side.