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Month: October 2013

Seattle visit October 2013

Seattle visit October 2013

As usual, higher res and more photos can be found here.

On Friday after work I walked to Burbank airport and flew to Seattle.  Byron picked me up at the airport and we proceeded to a local restaurant for some a few bites and drinks.  Afterwards we came home and had a few more drinks.

The next day Byron and Christine took me to a great breakfast at a little fusion place before heading over to the Seattle Flower Conservatory.


We walked by the famous Black Hole Sun, which I’d never heard of.

After that Christine had to walk to work, so Byron and I headed home to check out some of the gorgeous shots he took in Bali, New Zealand and Australia on their honeymoon.  At 4 we left the house and walked down to a sports bar to watch the OSU game.

To our mutual surprise the whole bar was filled with Arizona State fans.  We were the lone buckeye supporters in the place, which was ironic because the game we were watching was giving us a lot more to celebrate than any of the other games on at the same time.

The game was over by 9 and we walked over to a downstairs bar that had lots of games to play.  Byron and I sipped drinks (and ate some fried fish) while playing Star Trek Uno.

On Sunday we packed up and headed to Kingston for some breakfast before heading to the Mt. Zion trail.

At the base was a restroom that had been closed during the government shutdown and never reopened, apparently to the great ire of some local gun toting rednecks.

Hiking in Washington State is almost like hiking in the tropical forest in Thailand due to the humidity and foliage.  However, Washington’s distinct difference is the constant cold air whipping at your face and old pine trees draped in green lacelike moss.  (is it moss?)

When we were almost to the peak we saw an outcropping up above the trail and we headed up the wet rocks to get a view that was actually mostly unobstructed, unlike the peak, which was surrounded by a forest of pine trees.

When we got to the parking lot we realized the peak we’d been standing on was visible from there.  You can see it in the photo below if you follow Byron’s finger to the outcropping standing just above the treeline at the top.

From the outcropping we could hear gunshots echo across the valley between ranges.  Not the most reassuring thing since we rarely saw another human being after entering Olympic National Park.

Before sunset we headed to Kingston to visit the beach for a bit before visiting Byron’s parents’ new home.

Byron’s mom cooked us some delicious gumbo before we headed outside to take some pictures of the outer arm of the milky way galaxy.  Neither of us had the kind of equipment to get a “real” picture of the stars, but it was fun to try.

On Monday and Tuesday Byron and I attended the Seattle Interactive Conference.  It was a mixed bag, some speakers really had nothing new to say and most of the content was below our skill/knowledge level, but there were a few interesting panels on SEO that I caught.  Byron was inspired to try and get a track together to present at the next Conference that would be more in line with what he and I were looking for (although given our divergence in careers those two things were a little different).

The trip was a good chance to reconnect with my best friend, who I hadn’t spent “real” time with (not bachelor partying it up or working on/in a wedding) in quite a while.


Beyond Eden 2013

Beyond Eden 2013

On Saturday night Sam and I headed to the annual Beyond Eden art show at Barnsdall Art Park.

The following named pieces are images from Thinkspace Gallery‘s website.  Beyond Eden is a combination of multiple local galleries, and this year Thinkspace had the most impressive showing.  Most (but not all) of the pieces were from a group show they’d had called “Wild at Heart II” that showcased endangered California wildlife with each artist’s unique take on a particular creature.

Ariel DeAndrea – Crane

Allison Sommers – Johan

Diana Beltran bird sculptures

Edwin Ushiro – Thank You for Lunch

Soey Milk – First Fires

Aaron Horkey – Only Death is Real

Karla Ortiz – La Penumbra

Dan Quintana – Dethroned

Glenn Arthur – Puffleg Paradise

Regan Rosburg – Juste Milieu

detail with real (dead) spider:

Brian Mashburn – Give Me a Home

Marco Mazzoni – A View From a Hole

Esao Andrews – White Bee

There were also some impressive pieces from Copro Gallery, including two entire walls of large Chet Zar pieces.


This piece (below) by Zawadki (Tracker) is probably my favorite piece from Copro, it reminds me of Bekzinski.


Some impressive work by Dan Quintana as well:

Dan Quintana (Charcoal drawing)

Dan Quintana – Bearer 3

Eric Fortune – Acquisition

I’m not sure which gallery supplied the giant Abe Lincoln bust, but it was in the Copro area…

This giant gorilla might belong to Thinkspace Gallery – not sure…

After Beyond Eden we headed to Culver City to catch Jullian Callos’ solo exhibition.  Beyond Eden is actually not far from our house, so we almost headed home after the show, but Julian is one of our favorite artists so we made the trek down to Culver Blvd.  Unlike the other Culver City galleries on Washington Blvd, WWA is on the main (commercial) drag next to hip eateries and a movie theater.

WWA Gallery has a back gallery (as most galleries do) of older unsold work.  There were a few pieces in there that I liked as well:

I didn’t see an artist’s name attached to this sculpture.

Nimit Malavia – Neither Here, Nor There

Julian‘s work is becoming more abstract. He still has a strong focus on the figure, but gesture has become more important than physical form.  The below pieces were my favorites.

Julian Callos – Black Hole

Julian Callos – Earth

Julian Callos – Negative Space

I liked the sculpture as it was an embodiment of his older work that involved clearer representations of human beings.