Curry pinback

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Curry pinback

On Sunday Beverly woke up wanting Curry Chicken. So – a few hours later, some veggie chopping by me, and slaving over a hot stove by her – we had Curry Chicken and some other dishes. The Curry chicken was great and I even got to take some home for dinner later this week.

After dinner we played a few matches of tennis (after telling some court-bullies to stuff it) before going to see Pinback play at the Wiltern. Beverly got dressed in jeans and I told her it would be warm so she switched to a sleeveless shirt and skirt.

It was cold. Very cold up on the balcony.

And Pinback isn’t that good live. So – I was 0-2 for the night.

I didn’t know how Pinback would turn out. They are a two-man group that does almost everything in the studio with multi tracking and heavy production. For the live show they brought a second guitar player, drummer, and keyboard player. Neither of the boys can sing that well live – and all the songs lose the atmospheric funk so evident on the albums. We did get to see however that Armistead Burwell Smith IV is quite a bassist – and his bass playing style is what makes up the majority of the melody for all Pinback tunes.

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