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La Jolla 2019

Every summer Sam and I drive to La Jolla. Many times a rotating group of friends joins us. Half the time, leopard sharks join us too. This year, neither of them did. I had read reports of a massive influx of sharks two weeks prior to our trip and got really excited. Then, just a […]


Instagram’s unique approach to sharing content

<Sarcasm> Can we just take a moment to recognize Instagram’s superior commitment to helping content creators grow their following? Unlike Facebook, where only my friends see/discover my content, I’m glad Instagram created a tagging architecture that’s completely ignored by their homepage scroll and still only shows followers (Instagram’s version of friends). </Sarcasm> I kid, I […]


Fire in the hills

Although we’ve had the opportunity to watch the July 4th fireworks from our own property for many years now, we have only made the trek up the hiking trail once before. Armed with a better camera I wanted to try again. So, about thirty minutes before the start of the show/s we hiked up the […]



On a Friday around midnight, we boarded our 15-hour flight to Hong Kong. After a 90 minute transfer in Hong Kong, we flew another three hours to Suvarnabhumi Airport, where Sam’s sister and brother in law picked us up. They immediately took us to an upscale mall only opened six months ago called Icon Siam. The […]


Oh, Belize! Part II

Our flight from Placencia to Belize City on Wednesday was short, but our next hop to Caye Caulker was even shorter. At 10 minutes, the flight was the shortest we had ever taken. After arrival, we took a golf cart taxi to our hotel and then walked up the beach to the split before watching […]


Oh, Belize! Part I

AKA “You better Belize it,” and “Conch Frittahs!” Early Saturday morning I was off to the Miami airport to meet Sam for our flight to Belize City where we’d take an island hopper to Placencia. After checking in at Placencia we walked up the street for groceries. Returning to our room around 3pm, Sam collapsed […]

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