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Month: May 2005

holy crap, no I did not know that!

holy crap, no I did not know that!

I received this email from Aaron this afternoon:

“i’m sure you knew this but in case you didn’t i thought it was interesting
that the supersize me guy was born in parkersburg, west virginia. he is now
being sued.

Now I don’t know if y’all know this, but John and Patsy Ramsey grew up in Parkersburg as well and attended PHS.

In other news:

It was Amy’s birthday yesterday. We went to Mi Piace at city center for dinner and then headed over to the theater to watch Star Wars. We had bought tickets a week earlier but didn’t anticipate the line around the block to get in. The showings that started even at 9 already had lines going around the block at 5pm. We decided to sell the tickets and try again Saturday morning when the nerds are tired after a hard Friday night of playing Doom III on their networked Xbox (don’t worry Aaron, present company excluded from that stereotype) and pointing out the inconsistencies between HG2TG books, movies, and radio plays.

Tonight I’m taking her to Yamashiro Palace for her official birthday dinner. It looks like a really swank place. (I’m betting on her not checking this blog between now and when she leaves her place to meet me as this is supposed to be somewhat of a surprise) –note– after writing this for the first time I realized I could just time it to appear on the blog at 6:30 (when our reservations are) so she won’t see it –duh!

Most of you closer to me already know this – but on next friday I’m moving into a new condo up on Oxnard. The area isn’t as nice as where I am now but the place has many advantages. It is going to run me about $100 more a month than what I’m paying now BUT – I’ll have my own bathroom, my own gated parking spot, gated guest parking, a nice looking furnished living room with big kitchen, right off the freeway I take to work (will save maybe ten minutes of commute-time every day), and my roommate/landlord seems like a cool guy (look up Selwyn Ward on that may even start playing racquetball with me.

In other other news:

Much turmoil in the MOV as my brother moved back into my parents’ house and then wrecked his car… Situation very tense down there from all reports. Glad I’ve got a big buffer zone.

apparently I know some very influential people!

apparently I know some very influential people!

Got this email from my bestest pal Byron today:

Hello everybody, if you get a chance please read the news link below. The laser warning device described on MSNBC is now in use in the Washington DC air space. This technology was designed, developed and tested here at our office in San Antonio, coordinating with the FAA and NORAD (the guys from the movie “WarGames “).


I received a certificate of award this morning from our Human Effectiveness Director (The HE in HEDO) for my small addition to this project here in our office. I cut and mixed video clips of an airplane flight over San Antonio and added audio and sound bites (pilot chatter, take off/landing sounds, wind shear) to help realistically simulate a plane flying into restricted air space, and how the laser light would look in the cockpit.

What was really interesting about this project is that we built a replica of a Cessna aircraft cockpit and using a slick projector system, they played the video I created and shined lasers into the cockpit, and when you sit in the pilot’s seat, you actually feel like you are flying over San Antonio and getting lased. The testing included subjects sitting in the pilot seat, trying to accomplish visual tasks with a computer joystick, all with the audio chatter and lasers shining at different intervals. It was pretty cool!

So that’s the latest, thank you for your time and have a great weekend, all.


Lt Byron A. Gronseth

Research Liaison Officer, Optical Radiation Branch

2624 Louis Bauer Dr
Brooks City-Base TX

HA! my smoking gun!

HA! my smoking gun!,1759,1816768,00.asp (fourth paragraph)

Finally I have something to say to the Appleheads that deride me for using a PC to do all my design work. God I’m so tired of hearing “You’re a graphic designer huh? So you must be a mac guy right? …what?! why not?…but aren’t they better?!” Some unscrupulous (god I wish Pmachine had a spellchecker) print shops have even had the gall to suggest that I ask the company I work for to buy me a seperate Mac computer so I can make it easier for them (the printer) to open my files since THEY prefer to work on a Mac.

Well, I’ve got news for you Mac nerd boys, the geniuses that made the artwork (because that is what CG of this caliber is I believe) for Star Wars that you waited in line for four hours to see was made on a PC actually SLOWER than the one I have at home right now!

Suck on that, Steve Jobs.

oh …and I just wanted to say one more thing –

Ipods Suck!


good god

good god

yikes…when did Kathleen Turner turn into a middle aged man that sings baritone in the local barbershop quartet?

Did anybody else see that on the Daily Show last night?

Kirstie Alley…Kathleen Turner…Beverly D’Angelo…all hot chicks at one time… I think we are finding out why there is a double standard in hollywood…Michael Douglas doesn’t weigh four hundred pounds…

By the way, a quick check on IMDB reveals that Beverly was born in Columbus Ohio and her dad was the GM of WBNS -10TV!

ramblin on.

oops, speaking of- somebody decided to join the bloggin’ world –

(shouldn’t it be “and_as_the_walls_come_dowN?”)

bloggin and time travelin across the USA

bloggin and time travelin across the USA

Talked to the B-man last night. He started a blog (the link I’ll put up here in a few days) and had quite startling news: He may be in LA county as a permanent resident by Halloween. That would be awesome, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I saw Donald Trump speak at the LA convention center Sunday. The Learning Annex paid him a million dollars for it… and he earned none of it. He talked about himself for the first twenty minutes so Amy and I left. (he had come on an hour late anyway)

I’ve been looking at apartments this week. Found some good stuff, but nothing set in stone yet….stay tuned..

Aaron and I are planning to start laying down new tracks next week. This will be my first new recording experiment since the year 1999, and the first recording partnership since Ben and I created the EM album in 97 (?). Should be fun.

Speaking of fun….if only I was in Cambridge this Saturday….