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Month: June 2013

Sunset Hike Griffith Park

Sunset Hike Griffith Park

Now that Cyndi Lauper has left Los Angeles fate would still try to ruin our rescheduled sunset hike.  The first strike was a record setting heat wave raging across the southwest.  The temperature at Griffith was at least ten degrees warmer than normal, but in a dry heat with a little breeze it wasn’t back breaking heat after 7pm, and much of our hike was in the shade.  However, a few of our fellow hikers that had planned on joining still had to cancel.

For the four that were able to join us, they saw a decent sunset from the top.

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Lee Wedding

Lee Wedding

On Saturday Sam traveled very early in the morning to help out her friend prepare to be married at Verandas in Manhattan Beach.  Sam was a bridesmaid so we had to go separately and meet up at the venue.  For the first two seconds I didn’t recognize Sam as she’d already changed and been fully make-up’d.  Her hair and make-up was similar to how it was done at her friend Jay’s wedding last year, but I was in the make-up room for part of that so I was prepared.   I’m hesitant to say Sam looked beautiful, only for the reason that she always does; but the way they did the make-up, hair and outfits (and accessories) for this wedding was very elegant and classy.

The entire wedding was color coordinated in yellow and fuchsia.  The wedding ceremony itself was very succinct (which is a good thing!) and lighthearted; officiated by a friend of the groom.  Unlike some weddings, this one had a more “breezy” comfortable feel; the bride and groom even surprised everyone with a taco truck visit at the end of the night, adding an interesting southern California twist.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures as I actually ended up lending my tripod to the groom’s uncle (the official unofficial photographer) and other than the ceremony, most of the festivities were in low light.  I will share a few of the shots I did take:

Sam womanning the registration table until another bridesmaid took over

Sam walking out during the ceremony.

You may wonder why she’s walking alone…

At this particular wedding there were ten groomsmen and six bridesmaids.

So, for comedic effect, all ten groomsmen walked out one-by-one to start the ceremony, and the bridesmaids followed.

These photos were taken with my hand craning up over a lot of other heads, so that’s why they may seem cut-off.

The dinner was downstairs and every table had a crystal chandelier type thing with a spotlight.  It might look small in this photo, but they were actually large, probably three feet high, with a large bowl of flowers on the top.

Needless to say – one of those flower bouquets is now on our dining table.

We were able to grab the bride for an impromptu photo on the balcony overlooking the dinner area on her way to the cake cutting ceremony.

These are all the photos I have from the event – but if you’re friends with Sam or I on facebook  we’ll be getting tagged (especially Sam performing her bridesmaid duties) a lot very shortly I suspect.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lee!



I haven’t posted a lot in the last two months, but it hasn’t been because we were bored.  Sam was busy with helping arrange her good friend’s wedding, and I was busy helping my best friend arrange his party and wedding (coming in July and September).

We were also busy scheduling outings with friends, etc. and building up our garden more. Sam finally bought her Plumeria (her favorite tree/flower) to put in a new pot in the backyard.

I also used my new tripod to take some unlit interior shots of our ever-changing home.

One of those weekends we were coming home close to 11pm on a Saturday and the Hollywood Bowl was releasing concert-goers.  The season had just kicked off and I wanted to get some photos of the spotlights in the night fog.  I only got four shots off from our “sun deck” on the top of our building before they turned them off.

If you have any interest in seeing higher resolution versions of these please take a look at them on my Flickr account.







downtown LA night photography

downtown LA night photography


Over a month ago some plans fell through, so I did something I’d been wanting to do for a long time: buy a tripod and walk around downtown Los Angeles at night.

It turns out that really means RUNNING around Los Angeles because there was no way I’d get all the pictures I wanted in the time between sunset and midnight.  To make things more complicated there was some “neon electric run” event going on at the same time, with thousands of college kids running around in neon clothes with glow in the dark things, going to every single spot I was to check them off of their scavenger hunt list.

And I’m not making this up at all, it’s a thing, and it’s coming to a city near you:

It actually looked kind of fun, Sam and I will be in Denver when it’s happening there, and I might pressure her to participate as I think it would be a fun way to explore the city for the first time.

Anyway – there were too many photos from my excursion to plug into a blog entry, so I’ll ask you to check out my Flickr gallery if you’re interested.