valentines day

valentines day

valentines day, website, no SF, gesso

Happy valentines day everyone. When I came home after a long day at work on friday, Celeste had prepared quite a delicious meal for us. I could tell she had worked on it all day. If anyone wants a picture, email me.

The website is actually almost complete, but I’m going to stave off the launch for a few more weeks, or perhaps until april. The reason is that I’m doing some art this quarter that I’ll want to include on the site, so I can’t decide yet whether to wait for that or just launch the site and add the new stuff later. I’m also redesigning a site for celeste which will be launched off of my site (if I’m gonna pay for 100MB or so…I might as well use it!).

Only four more weeks left in this quarter and it feels like forever. There is no way I’m overloading myself like this next quarter.

I’m being told that I jumped the gun on that SF trip. Mom called Monday and told me that it wasn’t a sure thing, so I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

I fabricated and gessoed five big canvases yesterday, that stapling tears the crap outta your hands…maybe I should get an electric staple gun (does that exist?). Got a lot done yesterday, but still much more to do today.

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