admit it

admit it

The taillights came on Monday, and they finally arrived unblemished. Now we have to figure out where to get them installed.

The next generation website is nearing completion, pretty soon I’ll have to decide on what server I’m going to use…

B just got promoted, so congrats to B, still don’t know if he is going to get the coveted navigator position, but pretty soon he could be one of the top 2 or 3 guys in command down there.

This week was the 5th week, so we are halfway through the quarter now. My thesis project thing isn’t going so well, I keep adding more and more paint and starting over…its a disaster.

Got a call from mom today, apparently she is going to treat me to a trip to San Fran this summer (she has a conference there). So, that means you better get ready to make that drive up the coast buddy boy (yeah you, Mr. tez).

Still no word from the professional admissions dep.

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