back in

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back in

got back into Columbus around 9 last night. For anyone curious….I’m ok. I’m going to see TOOL tomorrow night in Cleveland, they cancelled the Dayton show…so we all had our fingers crossed.

Signed a new lease today, now Jeremy lives here and Aaron is moving to CA. Celeste also lives here too of course. I think Jeremy has a webcam…so maybe I’ll update this with little pictures of myself from now on….we’ll see. Jeremy had his car towed last night due to street sweeping, they screw you for $80 to get it back. $50 of that goes to the towing company apparently…I think I’m going to buy myself a tow truck….

If anyone wants to buy any comic books or basketball cards (2 shaq rookie cards!) I’ll sell them (I’m going broke very fast).

see you in a few days

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