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redesign finished, sources, time warner server

The extensive site redesign is finished, although the site still isn’t done, there are a lot of rough edges (like the graphics on the “credit” page for example), but I’ll fix that at my leisure. This site is designed to be smaller and faster, compared to my old site its like going from a 1950’s Mack truck to a Jaguar XJ220 (had to mention my favorite car). The site redesign took a total of five days, about 50 hours. Everything you see on these pages was created by me, Andrew Long (unless otherwise noted). In a few months I’ll “hide” links to Byron Gronseth’s poetry in here….so keep a look-out for that.

For those interested, the software I used for this site was: Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and Dreamweaver. One of the reasons I had to redesign the old site was that the pictures on it were huge and took forever to download. The site was designed with the designer in mind, but not the end user. My philosophy was reversed completely designing this new interface/site, its all for YOU! So after checking it out click on the “contact” button and send me an email with your feedback.

The other reason the site was redesigned is because I am using Roadrunner (a Time Warner company) to host the page. Thus the site has that crappy name, but hey…that saves me a few bucks anyway. I bought an old computer to use as my own server, but RR won’t allow me to do that, so I’m forced to fit everything into a tiny 5 MB of space. Because of that, the pictures are much smaller and of lesser quality.

Sorry to everyone I ignored this week, especially Celeste, while I was working feverishly all day and night in my room.

This page will be updated when I feel like it or when I have news to share.

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