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Well, Lollapalooza was cancelled today. Surprise Surprise.. A lot of you may remember me complaining about how I couldn’t go to the show in Cleveland because it was during the week… Well, looks like I was right and Perry was wrong. I guess he assumed that only high school kids would go to see the Pixies, PJ Harvey, etc… Dumb thinking considering most high schoolers today would only recognized the Pixies as “that song at the end of my older brother’s copy of Fight Club.” And PJ Harvey…Modest Mouse…Sonic Youth..Flaming Lips… forget it.. When was the last time Carson Daly said any of those names on television (if ever)? Apparently Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are old hat already to these spoiled little brats so now the whole world has to put up with their (similarly) untalented little sisters.

Well, that is my rant for now, my life is starting to get better I guess so I shouldn’t be so angry. But you know me, always the critic. I have the first “date” since the demise of my previous relationship this Friday. I really want to see Fahrenheit 9/11, but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a first date, eh? Tomorrow it will be two months until I hit the road, and also two months since the last time I talked to Celeste (not counting a few cryptic emails about what to do with more of her stuff I found in the apartment). I thought I’d be lonely for a long time, but now maybe not. I don’t know how it will go with Amy, but we seem to get along pretty well and have a lot in common (even an allergy to kitty cats and peanut butter). If nothing else, at least I’ll have another friend to lean on out there. I guess I’ll know better how I feel about her after we finally meet in person this Friday.

I called landlords this past weekend, but nobody knows what will be available for September yet, so I have to put it off again. I guess I’ll pick up the scent again in a few weeks. Amy sent me some apartment rental guides from Los Angeles, but they only list the expensive high rise places, so that put me back to square one. I appreciate any help she (or anyone else) can give me though.

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  1. it is nice to see you are feeling better 🙂

    we can talk offline about this weekend, but hopefully you had a good one. i just got back from my field exercise in New York, and it is very nice to have internet and my own bed and air conditioning!

    Amy sounds like a pretty awesome chica, especially if she came all the way out to Ohio. Courageous, brave, and not afraid to take risks…

    sounds intrigueing.

  2. Yeah, awesome!

    I’ll give you a call tonight or tomorrow, buddy, we need to discuss when we are gonna hang out next month.

    Amy is pretty awesome, yes. I’ll put up a new posting in a few days.

    Man I’m so jealous, you’ve travelled more in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years!…and you get paid for it.

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