Parents Visit Day 2

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Parents Visit Day 2

On Saturday morning I walked across a stage, shook a few hands and left with a new acronym to put after my name.

More photos will be up on facebook (and maybe here) later that were taken by my friends that came to the event (thanks Cindy, Victor, JC and Myra!), but below are some of my mothers’ photos from the reception.

After the reception we changed clothes in the bathroom and headed to Solstice Canyon which is just up the road from Pepperdine’s Malibu campus.

After hiking we ate dinner at the seafood stand nearly within walking distance from the entrance to the park.

We then drove down to Beverly Hills to have some gelato at Al Gelato.

Afterwards we headed to Culver City so my parents could experience a “real” art show opening.  The “New Realism” show opened at Thinkspace at 7pm.  We were there at 7pm and…. nobody else was.  By the time we were leaving there were a few people at the gallery, but this was in stark contrast to the usually jam packed Thinkspace opening nights.  Or perhaps it was simply because we were there at 7pm and not 9pm.

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