Parents’ visit Friday

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Parents’ visit Friday

On Friday morning I picked my parents up at LAX.  Despite getting up at what would have roughly been 2am PST they were down for a full day of Los Angeles…ing.

First we went to Little Ethiopia and ate lunch at Messob.  Below is dad scooping up some lentils with injera.

From there we went to the fashion district to grab an air mattress that one of Sam’s coworkers had generously allowed me to borrow for the weekend.  Our next stop was the Hive gallery so my parents could see their son’s work up on a real Los Angeles art gallery wall.

An hour or so later we were in Temescal Canyon hiking up the hill.  We finished the four mile hike in about two hours and decided to skip watching the sunset on Will Rogers beach so we could head to dinner.

Dinner at Abuelitas on Topanga Canyon was actually really bland and our food took a long time to make even though there were very few other patrons.  I’d gone there with Byron in 2009 and I remember the food being pretty good.  Not sure what happened between then and now….

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