Sunday – the day of rest

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Sunday – the day of rest

Originally I’d planned to take my parents to Malibu Creek State Park for a five hour hike, but they requested a break from hiking after the previous two days’ outings.

We started the day at A&W Seafood buffet in Northridge and then headed to the Lamps Plus outlet store so my mom could shop for lamps for her new rooms (my parents just did some major construction on their home) and get some sorely needed bulbs for a few rooms in my home as well.

We were supposed to go to Moksha for dinner, but my parents declined that as well.  Mom wasn’t hungry and dad just wanted some good old American fatty food for once.  So, I headed down to Daglas for burgers, fried and onions rings.  Daglas’ “small” fries is about the same size as any other fast food restaurant’s large size and the fries are so soaked in grease that the paper bag is almost ripped open by the time you get it home.  Needless to say, between four adults we couldn’t finish the fries and onion rings and threw a sizable portion away.

Sam arrived just as I was leaving for Daglas.  She brought with her coconut jelly for desert.

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