Dad’s Birthday

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Dad’s Birthday

Tuesday was both my parents’ last full day of their visit and my father’s birthday.   We had breakfast at Hart’s Coffee Shop before heading to Vasquez Rocks.  What is Vasquez Rocks, you ask?  Well… that’s where evil Bill and Ted killed the real Bill and Ted.

More famously it’s where this interspecies miscommunication happened:

It’s also where Spock’s parents lived:

But more recently it is where my parents and I climbed on some rocks for a few hours.  The whole site isn’t nearly as large or impressive as it seems on screen (the background in the last shot above is highly photoshopped).

After leaving the rocks we went to the Nethercutt Museum, my mother’s only request for this trip.  The museum houses what probably amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars of early automobiles (most cars in the collection are pre-1950s).  The ironic thing is that the museum sits in the middle of the trailer parks and Tijuana-esque shanty towns of Sylmar.

After walking through the museum we headed home to change clothes before going to dinner at Brandywine Restaurant.

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