Last night Aaron and I jammed with Aldo and Jeremiah. It was the first time we’d met with or played with the guys, but we’d been trying to set it up for over a month. The session was only two hours and we needed a much longer time. The songs came pretty easily to us and everyone seemed happy with what everyone else was doing.

Interesting fact about Aldo #1: He claims to know Brian Bell was almost the new weezer bassist in 1997 when Matt Sharp quit. (“Mikey” something eventually got the job..only to be replaced and have his successor replaced after him)

Interesting fact about Aldo #2: He drives the same car that Aaron did six months ago (minus the convertible top); a silver Volvo C70 (oops, Aaron’s was actually cream colored)

Interesting fact about Aldo #3: He looks exactly like a thinner version of Nick Lachey (better known to most of us as Jessica Simpson’s husband).

Interesting fact about Jeremiah #1: He has a real nice bass guitar

Interesting fact about Jeremiah #2: He likes to write his basslines in and around the pentatonic scale, which makes it easy for me to pick up stuff.

Everyone was pretty happy with the jam and we plan to get together again when we can find the time. The songs had a very Mogwai ish sound. Through communications afterward we all agreed we’d like to pursue a Mogwai theme but with more concrete movements, melodic themes, and vocals…and maybe some more grungy power chords thrown in there for more colour.

The DVD on the jam from two weeks ago is still forthcoming…but I’m not so concerned about that anymore as last nights was far more fruitful and natural for me. When we jammed with Garen I felt like I was the Brad Whitford to his Joe Perry. Sort of humiliating to watch on video (or at least I’m assuming it will be…).

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