Post Thanksgiving day 2012

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Post Thanksgiving day 2012

On Friday we woke up to Sam’s scrambled eggs and toast before heading to Malibu.

We drove to Kanan road and then started on the Backbone Trail around 11am.

Take a look at the white stuff in the middle of the above photo, between the cracks of the hills.  That’s not a reflection of the sun on the water, it’s a reflection off of something else – I’ll explain later on…

Eventually there is a fork in the road on Backbone and, after my father and I hiked to the top of the hill by the water tower, we turned back.

After we were done hiking we went to Malibu Seafood, which was requested by my dad, as he really liked it last time.


They were out of oysters (or something) this time so my dad was a little disappointed.  On the schedule we’d planned to watch the sunset at Leo Carillo State Beach.  However, after driving past Point Dume it became clear that nothing was clear.  A thick fog had rolled in and got stuck north of the point.  We would see nothing but gray fog sitting on the beach at Leo Carillo, so we turned around and headed home.

Okay, okay, full disclosure:  After getting to the 1 after hiking, I accidentally turned right instead of left to go to dinner – so we ended up going up past Point Dume “on the way” to dinner, which was really south of where we’d hiked.

Going home on the way up the mountain to cut to the 101 we looked back and stopped at a few of the lookout points to snap photos of the very low hanging fog crossing over the water, now heading south towards Los Angeles, and surely engulfing where we’d just eaten dinner minutes before.

As we drove farther up, the fog was so low that it was completely covering any view of the ocean at all.  When we’d been hiking earlier in the day we’d wondered if the white stuff down below (see photo #2 in this post) was just the sun reflecting off the ocean – but it turns out it was fog.

We picked up Prometheus on the way home and dad agrees, not up to snuff.  However, I have to say that on Blu-Ray on our tv it looked MUCH better than on screen at the theater.  However, you could still easily see the pig through the brilliant looking lipstick.  Or, if you prefer, the big albino white dude through the space jockey suit.


All the photos from the entire trip can be found here.

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