Sunday Sun

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Sunday Sun

On Sunday Sam cooked sausage and croquettes.

After eating too many carbs we went to the Arboretum, as mom had requested   We didn’t see as many peacocks as last time, but there were still a few.

There were plenty of water fowl left over by the fountains though.

Next we meandered over to the waterfall.  Kind of lackluster when you’ve seen the real deal in Thailand.

After hiking up the side of the waterfall we walked down the other side of the hill to the cottage and peeked in the windows.

We left the Arboretum and headed to Huntington Gardens. Our first major stop inside was in the conservatory.

Sam found a new dress.

I found some fish.

We walked next through the Chinese Garden, which was not very impressive.  The adjacent Japanese Garden was much better put together.

In the rock zen garden courtyard next to the teahouse there were Ginkgo trees with yellow leaves getting ready to fall.

The bonsai tree area had several nice looking specimens.

We wandered up the hill past the rainforest area to the back of the art museum.

We took the path to the rose garden.

Just before the complex closed we walked through the library, which currently has a temporary “light” exhibit.

After leaving the gardens we went to Gyu-Kaku in Pasadena and drove home across the suicide bridge.


All the photos from the entire trip can be found here.

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