Iceland Day 8: Stuck in the Middle With You

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Iceland Day 8: Stuck in the Middle With You

compilation video of our entire Iceland trip

We left Egilsstaðir in the morning and headed west across the top of the country.  Our first stop was to be Dettifoss, Europe’s largest waterfall.

When we got to the road that holds Dettifoss only 30 kilometers away, we sped up, excited to see this amazing waterfall. When we turned into the road there were a few old SUV’s sitting on the side covered in snow and ice. We should have taken that as a warning.

We got stuck in a snowdrift. And I mean stuck. After 45 minutes of shoveling snow out from under the tires, me pushing while Sam spun the wheels – and repeating that every few feet – we finally made it out of there.

There was also some peeing involved to melt the snow, but you didn’t hear that from me!

Glad to be alive, we headed to Mývatn for a short hike around the lava fields before lunch.


After lunch, we visited Goðafoss, a smaller (by Iceland standards, not anywhere else) waterfall that wasn’t blocked.


Our next stop was our final one, Akureyri, the second largest town in Iceland. The town sits on a fjord and looks like every Nordic fishing town fantasy, complete with a church on the hill and big flakes of falling snow.


At night we braved the cold, walking up to the church, down through the small shopping area, and out along Eyjafjörður’s edge.

View from church (that’s our hotel on the right)
Front of hotel, shops are behind us
past the shops, the water os behind us
looking east across Eyjafjörður

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