the future (and past) of food

the future (and past) of food

Tuesday afternoon I took a trip to Burbank to meet with my doctor. He is a surprisingly nice guy (I’m used to the “coldness” of Los Angeles citizens now I guess), and it seems like another indicator that Burbank operates more like a small town than other “burbs” in LA. I’d had blood tests done two weeks ago and got a physical at my first visit. Apparently I’m normal inside and out. All the tests came back with good numbers. That night I did yoga for the second time in my life. This time it was longer and more painful. My flexibility is very poor – so I should keep going. My friend Edimer is in the class and she told me I’d lost weight since she’d seen me a month ago. My weight that night was 165 (with shoes and clothes on). I’m probably in the best physical shape I’ve been since I first started working out as a teenager.

Last night I went to Aaron’s to watch the documentary The Future of Food . The documentary was about genetically modified food. Aaron asked me to pick up a little ceasers $5 pizza for them on my way. (You’ll see why this is important in a minute) The documentary mainly focused on the production of GM corn crops and it’s impact on the consumer and the farmer (both are getting the short end of the stick apparently). It also made the case that subsidies are hurting farmers. Apparently other countries are watching us to see if GM crops cause damage. A Japanese official was quoted as saying (I’m paraphrasing) “For the next ten years we will watch America’s children to see the effects of GM crops before importing any into our country.” So, we are all guinea pigs for the seed corporations like Monsanto. A Monsanto employee even released a statement saying that they don’t care about the health effects – “it is our job to sell seeds, it is the FDA’s job to make sure they are safe.” Turns out – many high ranking FDA and government employees are current and former employees of Monsanto, even Donald Rumsfeld.

At the tail end of the film it was noted that production of GM wheat has started. I silently thought about the pizza Aaron and Caleb just ate.

On the way home I thought more about what products have wheat and how it would affect me more than corn based GM products. Then I remembered the pizza. Pizza dough is made from wheat, isn’t it?

Then I remembered someone that has a wheat allergy. Someone that insisted I buy much more expensive Spelt bread for her at a farther away grocery store to eat at my apartment rather than regular wheat bread I bought a block away. I then realized that we’d eaten pizza together on many many many occasions and not once did she ever complain about it making her sick. My father suggested that some or all of these allergies may have been fabricated in order to “compete” with mine. A narcissist always has to be the best – especially at garnering sympathy. It would appear the wheat allergy was fabricated. If I forget that there are peanuts in a candy bar and I eat it – I’ll still get sick. Thus – I NEVER FORGET TO CHECK INGREDIENTS. If she was really allergic to wheat then chowing down on that Papa Johns pan pizza, that Shakeys pizza, that personal pan BBQ chicken pizza from BJ’s, etc. would have made her puke her guts out. Instead I just heard “mmm, this is good pizza.”

I know some of you say that I shouldn’t even think about this stuff or talk about it. However, little realizations like these serve to reinforce the fact that I should be glad this person isn’t in my life anymore. It is also a way of recording these important deceptions. A phenomenon I’m noticing is that the more time passes, the easier it is to forget about the little things like this. The more you start to miss the tactile things about a person and the “together” mode of thinking. That is a very dangerous thought pathway to walk down – so writing these “negatives” down keeps me on the right track.

At this point I’m at least ready to date someone. There are a few girls I’ve met online that appear interesting – but they all have significant roadblocks. One is saying that she’s going to Australia for 6 months. Another is currently in Hong Kong. Another is a total flake. And so on. Two thoughts always run through my head. #1 Online dating doesn’t work – the people are generally inferior and that is why they are online. #2 My ex met her new boyfriend offline. Aaron met his screwed up “ex” offline. Therefore you are just as likely to at least be introduced to a “fucked up” person offline anyway – so online dating is not any worse. And I know from personal experience that women can hide their secrets just as well in person as in email.

Hiking tonight (again) in Griffith Park. No plans for this weekend.


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