working behind the scenes

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working behind the scenes

I’ve been quietly amassing new artwork for my next update for this website. Expect a new site up for this and LongImage by January 2007. For this site I’ll be using photo-realism techniques for the main layout for the first time. On LongImage I’ll have a much more extensive portfolio. I have between 10 and 15 new pieces for the gallery on this site as well.

I’ve quickly run out of space to store all of this – so last week I bought a 500 Gigabyte external hard drive. 500 Gigs can now be had for under $300; a whole Terabyte is only $445. You can probably find it even cheaper than that – but I’m talking about Maxtor drives, which many consider the gold standard in hard disc storage.

At the same time I knew I had to do a complete reinstall of windows as my computer had been getting extremely slow and actually freezing up about twice every hour. I moved all my files to the external drive, reinstalled XP, and everything runs smoothly now. Finding all the install discs for everything was difficult – but I was able to locate them all within a few days (there aren’t a lot of places to hide in a 450 square foot studio).

Ma and Pa made their travel reservations last week. They’ll be visiting me from December 22nd to 26th. For some reason everyone here in So Cal (at work anyway) is amazed that I’m not flying “home” for thanksgiving. I didn’t last year and nobody seemed to care, maybe I’ve just made new friends since a certain wicked witch of the west can’t insist I avoid coworkers at all costs any more.

Begs the question though – what WILL I do next Thursday? In years past I either spent it with my family or a certain girl’s family. Now I fear I’ll be sitting in my apartment alone eating microwave fish sticks. I wonder if the book store will be open.

This reminds me of something. Why is thanksgiving always considered a “white people” (and also “black people”) holiday? Immigrants seem to think it isn’t something they should incorporate. The spirit of the holiday is bereft of religion, politics, etc. so people of all races, nationalities, and religions should be able to celebrate it …unless they have something against eating a lot of food with your family… Yes, I know the origins of the holiday are slightly flawed, but today the holiday is purely a time to “give thanks.” Who could find fault with that? Chinese Americans don’t celebrate it because they…don’t want to give thanks?

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