finally – statistical proof

finally – statistical proof

I finally stumbled upon statistical proof today that USC football is over-rated. This is something that Big 10 fans have been bitching about for years – but the rest of the country just rolls their eyes.

What is even more interesting is that Notre Dame, which I consistently and repeatedly espoused all season as perhaps the most over-rated team and Quinn as the most over-rated quarterback (going 22nd in the draft today), is the MOST over-rated team according to this chart.

Ohio State- well, we’re back at #20 in a 50 team list behind almost every SEC team you can imagine. Eat that, Florida (#13)!

Most under-rated teams… Washington State – who got their ass handed to them in the only Ohio State game I got to watch in the Shoe, Wisconsin – who continually does well but finishes out of the top ten (and got robbed this year), Kansas State – who Tressel trounced in a bowl game a few years back, Texas Tech – who OSU uses for a pre-season warm-up every so often, Michigan State (umm, didn’t they fire their coach?), and Iowa.

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