Monday Monday

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Monday Monday

Byron had to work a half-day on Monday. After he came back we worked out the Mac/PC file issues of yesterdays and then headed to Whattaburger for lunch. It wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t anything special. I guess I expected too much.

The onion rings weren’t bad. Afterwards we headed to coffee shop to do some chatting about our individual futures. Then it was time for me to leave, but not before making Byron nervous by asking to take photographs of some spectacularly run-down old timey colonial southern mansions (that apparently now do double duty as both crack houses and hobo refuge).

The San Antonio airport always seems so empty. I trust it sees more action on Saturday nights (?). A friendly girl sat next to me on the flight home and gave me a book to read when I was bored. I read 50 pages and didn’t care to make a note of the name or author before giving it back.

A friendly panda picked me up from the airport, but I suspect it was only so she could meet up with her latin lover, Vallarta.

5 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. thanks, that was on my list of things to research before I left – but my friend volunteered to drive (thinking it was Burbank, I guess), so I didn’t check it out. Since I’ll be using LAX much more now I’ll probably use flyaway.

  2. Sorry, no kung-fu panda. But the nickname did come from Sexual Harrassment Panda in a roundabout way. I used to quote that character a lot (mostly the “that makes me a saaaaad paaanda”), enough that cindy started calling herself and myself pandas.

    I talked about Vallarta before? I gotta look that up…

  3. O.K.–I got the Vallarta from a previous post, but panda? Kung-fu panda? Giant panda? Sexual harrassment panda? Panda-monium?
    Off topic—–Watched the “sober” video again on utube and now I can’t get that beat out of my head.

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