I know I’m good at drawing, but c’mon!

I know I’m good at drawing, but c’mon!

Can someone more versed in chess please explain to me how this is a draw?  (I’m white, it is black’s move)

The way I see it, the King has three moves, all of which end in death by my queen.  Isn’t this putting the King in checkmate?

Microsoft doesn’t think so, and I’d like to know why….

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      1. It’s usually the only way a good player can end the game without being checkmated. Doesn’t make a lot of sense in a football world. Maybe it reflected a world when a seige was common. I know when it first happened to me it got my attention–and don’t even mention the jumping rook!. When I was playing with your cousin Lisa (when she was about 10 years old) she pulled the “david’s dad” gambit. I called her on an illegal move and she said “david’s dad said you can do this–and he is a doctor!” I guess that made it legal.

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