SBC sucks

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SBC sucks

SBC lies, moving to new apartment, eye infection, dead fish, mountain bike, GPA

Ok folks, here is the deal- Finally had time to call SBC/Ameritech/Yahoo…whatever. I found out that the moron that I was talking to when I signed up for DSL signed us up for the wrong thing. They should have signed us up for the new “Yahoo DSL”, but instead they signed us up for the old “Ameritech DSL.” What that means is…in order to get the Yahoo we had two choices…

Choice #1 package the modem up and send it back to ameritech, then disconnect service, then order the new service (that we thought we were getting in the first place), then wait till we get that new modem/service delivered. All in all, under that choice we could be without internet for a month or so.

Choice #2 stay with what we have now and wait because Ameritech is switching all the old accounts over to the Yahoo DSL before January.

So, we chose choice number 2 because we don’t want to be without internet again. What that means is that for now…we only have 2 MB for a webpage. So, when our upgrade disc arrives (sometime in the next three months) the site will become operational, but for now it’ll just have to be this page, which I will update every week just like I did for the last site.

Been awhile since the last update on the old page, a lot has happened.

Moving really sucked, it took us four or five days to completely move, many many 18 hour days hauling heavy stuff up and down stairs. That was a month ago. Also a month ago I started work at the book depository. UTS offered me a computer center job last week, but only for 3 hours a week so I had to turn it down. Right now, the depository will let me work up to 30 hours a week if I want (right now I’m doing about 20 a week).

My eye infection came back AGAIN so I went to my old allergy doctor (which was ironically always in Columbus). He gave me Patenal…It might have done the trick…I dunno.

The betta fish that mom got Celeste for christmas died (I think of some sort of infection), so we put the crayfish in the tank and then bought a blue cichlid and two catfish for the smaller (8 gallon) tank which now resides in the bedroom.

Mom bought me a new mountain bike (the last one was hit by the bus (?) in front of townshend hall), I rode it to class on Thursday only to come out and find the back tire completely flat from a very suspicious puncture wound. I found a sporting goods store in Cleveland that will sell tires for six bucks a piece, so I made a primitive patch job that I hope will hold until we go up there for halloween.

Two weeks ago, we went to mom and dad’s and dad gave Celeste a handgun “class” ending in target practice. Celeste hit a bullseye on her last shot (15th bullet).

This quarter is already beating the crap out of me, up at 7 every day for four hours of class and then work till 5:30….spose it could be work though, could be in ROTC and gettin’ up at 6 like some people I know.

I finally raised my GPA up to the 3.7 mark after summer quarter, I also found out that if I just take two more grad level art history classes, I can tack on an art history minor to my diploma (to go with the BFA with honors -Magna Cum Laude- and the business minor).

I’ve been trying to go to bed at 10pm now, and its almost 2am now…so I’m feeling dead. A lot more has happened in the month I’ve been offline, but I’m too tired to write any more….


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