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Month: June 2004



After barely escaping work, (our California clients don’t realize that it is almost time for us to leave when they get back from their lunch break and finally decide to approve their orders..) I picked up Amy at the Easton Marriot and we proceeded to walmart. It was very weird seeing someone for the first time in person like that after seeing so many pictures. Weird because you can finally understand how it all fits together…and fits together well 😉

On Friday we tried to see Fahrenheit 9/11, but as it was opening night every showing was sold out. We instead decided to see The Terminal. We both like the Speilberg/Williams/Hanks combo and thought it would at least be an interesting movie from a directorial point of view if nothing else. Bad idea. It took about half an hour for both of us to nod our heads together and proclaim it Speilberg’s worst film. I don’t understand how the reviews for this movie have been lukewarm…they should be downright freezing. The character development was horrible, the timing was off, etc. We only learn that Hanks’ character has been in the terminal for 9 months when Zeta-Jones says “I’ve been waiting for you for 9 months” or something similar. When we finally get around to figuring out what is in the magical coffee can that is so important, nobody cares. After several cute but failing attempts to unite Zeta-Jones and Hanks only to have Zeta-Jones go back to her married lover our only consolation is that two other airline employees get married seemingly out of the blue.. Several times we could hear a sigh of relief from the audience as the shots would fade to black/white and we all thought we could go home. But, no…we had to see Hanks go to the jazz club…Gupta get deported…and on and on… Usually I’m a big fan of Spielberg’s epilogues (i.e. Minority Report, A.I., etc.), but this was one movie I prayed would stick to the “general viewing audience recommended” 90 minute format. Alas…it struggled on for another good thirty minutes. Perhaps the worst parts of the entire movie were the failed attempts to make the audience laugh on the expense of Hanks’ “Kracochia” (a fictitious eastern European country) accent and poor understanding of English which miraculously turns into a perfect understanding in only 9 months time, with only airport documents as a teaching tool. After leaving the movie we decided to have a short tour of campus, ending at Mirror Lake, using the romantic setting in a way I never did in my five years as a student.

On Saturday we went to Marietta for the wedding of Amanda Nolan and David Bruce. I think my mother wanted me to stay at the house longer than the short time we were there, but we were very tired after staying out so late on Friday, so we headed back to Columbus quite quickly after the reception.

Sunday was spent giving Amy a general (driving) tour of all the Columbus locales (short north, arena district, etc.). Then it was off to Cap City (hmm…how predictable I am..) for dinner.

Then today we ate lunch together and I dropped her off at the airport after work (once again barely getting out in time thanks to some California clients).

My remaining time in Ohio can now better be realized in weeks rather than months. My calendar is actually filling up. Amy may return as many as two more times before I take my leave of this state for good. I also have a family reunion, B’s visit to Dayton, etc. all within the next 7 weeks…and then I’m off to the lonesome crowded west. Although…now I’m sure it won’t be so lonesome.

Speaking of which… I procured a copy of Good News for People Who Like Bad News. It is growing on me, but overall it is a little light, a little too deliberately produced to mirror the new “it” bands like Franz Ferdinand than capture the brilliance of previous efforts. Nowhere on this album is there a Life Like Weeds or The Stars are Projectors.



Well, Lollapalooza was cancelled today. Surprise Surprise.. A lot of you may remember me bitching about how I couldn’t go to the show in Cleveland because it was during the week… Well, looks like I was right and Perry was wrong. I guess he assumed that only high school kids would go to see the Pixies, PJ Harvey, etc… Dumb thinking considering most high schoolers today would only recognized the Pixies as “that song at the end of my older brother’s copy of Fight Club.” And PJ Harvey…Modest Mouse…Sonic Youth..Flaming Lips… forget it.. When was the last time Carson Daly said any of those names on television (if ever)? Apparently Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson are old hat already to these spoiled little brats so now the whole world has to put up with their (similarly) untalented little sisters.

Well, that is my rant for now, my life is starting to get better I guess so I shouldn’t be so angry. But you know me, always the critic. I have the first “date” since the demise of my previous relationship this Friday. I really want to see Fahrenheit 9/11, but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a first date, eh? Tomorrow it will be two months until I hit the road, and also two months since the last time I talked to Celeste (not counting a few cryptic emails about what to do with more of her stuff I found in the apartment). I thought I’d be lonely for a long time, but now maybe not. I don’t know how it will go with Amy, but we seem to get along pretty well and have a lot in common (even an allergy to kitty cats and peanut butter). If nothing else, at least I’ll have another friend to lean on out there. I guess I’ll know better how I feel about her after we finally meet in person this Friday.

I called landlords this past weekend, but nobody knows what will be available for September yet, so I have to put it off again. I guess I’ll pick up the scent again in a few weeks. Amy sent me some apartment rental guides from Los Angeles, but they only list the expensive high rise places, so that put me back to square one. I appreciate any help she (or anyone else) can give me though.



Well, Pimpy is dead. That happened some time in the middle of the week. Now I have to figure out what to do with the tank…take it to LA? I dunno…tanks are kinda heavy… I may be able to sell the tank, but then I’d have to throw out all that other equipment. All that stuff costed a fair chunk of change so I’d rather put it to use.

I’m saving more money than I thought. I’m eating half or less of what I used to for dinner. I’ve got my weekly groceries down to 20-30 dollars. Of course…central air is eating up that savings now that the temps outside are above 90.

I’m spending this weekend getting ready for Amy’s visit. I don’t think I’ve vacuumed the apartment since Celeste moved out, so it is pretty bad. I also need to wipe down the dust on the interior of the 6. Wish I had a dirt devil to vacuum out the floormats…oh well…

I may visit Kelly and Charlie later this afternoon too…but we have been playing phone/email tag all day long..



ok…what the hell…
I created and uploaded a whole new version of this site…complete with a custom blog page/application… and now it is gone.

I logged into my control panel and found this crap: “Welcome to the NEW Jet2 Server. Triple Xeon processors, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB hd drives x 2. If you notice any files “missing” please log into the old Jet2 server ASAP using the IP address: and get the files you need. Eventually the OLD Jet2 will be retired.”

what the hell?!! Now I have to hand code all this php all over again?!!

I had other plans for tonight…