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Month: February 2009

some people just get dumber

some people just get dumber

I finished studying for my midterm on Thursday and “rewarded” myself with a game of windows vista chess (how sad is that?!).  I actually won, so now maybe I can move up to level 5 (out of 10).  

Rather than start another game, something possessed me to check out myspace.  Myspace suggested I might know Inga.  Well, yes, I do know Inga (from high school), so I looked at her page.  I think I have a feeling I tried to “friend” her a few years ago and heard nothing back.  Not sure why, after all on the last night in Myrtle Beach on our senior trip she decided to share with me some “insider” information (which I’m sure ended up being public knowledge later…maybe…), maybe she is uncomfortable with the fact that I know these things, or perhaps she missed the email or…who knows.  Anyway – I  noticed that her husband, who I also went to high school with but didn’t know as well was on there.  I looked at his page and noticed every other comment was from another guy who we’ll call Josh.  

Now, I never liked Josh.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever ranted about a high school classmate before on here, and there isn’t much of a point in doing so, but I’m going to say a little itty bitty something before I get on to the point of this post.  Josh was, well, not exactly our valedictorian (in fact many of us were shocked that he actually got to graduate because he “played hooky” most of our senior year).  Josh had some very public troubles with some very major drugs and was involved in various incidents from gunshots to smashed cars to – well, you name it.  Now, he wasn’t the only one who had those problems, but he was the only one that still got to be the jock with the 100 friends,  hot chick and the hot car.   I always resented him getting the girl the most because my best friend in elementary school had a crush on her when she was still kinda chunky.  Then one summer (between 7th and 8th grade I think) she suddenly turned into the attractive woman she still is today.  I always felt that my friend should have got her because he liked her before all the jocks did.   However, the hot chick wised up soon enough, left him, went to college, married a decent guy and so on.   When I was 17 I wanted nothing else than to have Josh’s teal green 1997 Probe GT…. now I could buy one in cash if I wanted… oh how things change…. I wouldn’t have totalled two of them though and broke my friend’s leg in the process.

But now I’m reminiscing and getting WAY off topic.  Come back… here we go, back to the meat:

Now, I couldn’t remember exactly, but I wanted to remember that Inga told me on that June night ten years ago that she and her husband were going to stay away from Josh, because he had been one of the troublemakers that had got them in their current predicament.

I’d been curious years ago and looked at Josh’s myspace page and marvelled at his brilliance (it even shows in the “gangsta” posed pictures he did in his room).  I would post some evidence of this but he has now (in perhaps the only wise thing he has ever done) made his profile private.

However, on Inga’s husband’s myspace page (by the way, I’m not using his name because he hasn’t used his name on his page, and even though all of us WHSers know who he is, I have no desire to make him appear in google search results as I’m sure the trouble he/they were in ten years ago is a distant memory that they would like forgotten) Josh decided to “hit up” his long lost buddy.   Here is the best excerpt:

  Do I even have to write anything (more) about this?  I didn’t make this up – there it is – a screen cap from Inga’s husbands myspace page…    Yes he really did use the “N Word” … and not just once.  Yes he said “playboy” and “Holla back” and “1 love” all in the same few sentences.  


Oh – and by the way – yes, not only does this stem from personal sour memories of this guy, but there was other family interaction between members of his and mine that I didn’t appreciate.  (Yes, K.A.W., I remember)

I know I’m good at drawing, but c’mon!

I know I’m good at drawing, but c’mon!

Can someone more versed in chess please explain to me how this is a draw?  (I’m white, it is black’s move)

The way I see it, the King has three moves, all of which end in death by my queen.  Isn’t this putting the King in checkmate?

Microsoft doesn’t think so, and I’d like to know why….

the circle of life

the circle of life


old fake hard
old fake "hard"
meet new fake hard
meet new fake "hard"





























And seriously, am I the only one that sees these things?  I saw this “Avenged Sevenfold” picture in an email from ticketmaster about upcoming concerts.  These guys just looked way too … I don’t even know the word for  it anymore.   Upon further research I discovered that these little girls have taken to including a cover of Walk at a lot of their shows – which to me (and Byron too I’m sure) is blasphemy!