price -less

price -less

I’m working on a small (5×7) painting for a show for low priced art at the Hive in December.

This has taken a while because I’ve been distracted with schoolwork and computer problems… but I now have the initial wash done:

Something doesn’t look right about that skull.  Although I had a model (clothed) pose for this, the original pose was with the hands limp in between the legs.  So – I had to sort of figure out how to do the holding of the skull later.  We actually found a plastic skull at the Melrose Trading Post the weekend before last – but the skull was disproportionate (cartoonish) and it was obviously very light whereas a real skull would have weight to it and be held quite differently.

I was also thinking about adding some little creatures to the otherwise blank back/foreground… but since this is supposed to be a cheaper piece maybe I shouldn’t put so much detail in…

By the way – I’m sure nobody noticed, but this pose was inspired by a throw-away shot from the movie Splice (which isn’t that good) when they’re in the barn and “it” is covered by a blanket, but in this same general position.   Did I just spoil the magic?  Inspiration comes from the strangest random places for my work….

I hope I get to vote today… going to be tough with work all day and school tonight (why don’t they have elections on SATURDAYS?!).

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