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UPS upped the shipping date on those taillights to last friday, so they should be here monday…hope they are not broken again….

Dreamweaver trial expired….but I figured out how to get a new trial…don’t know how long I can do that before they figure out that the same computer has downloaded the free trial 50 times.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of the day that celeste and I first started dating. I took her to the Spaghetti Warehouse for dinner. The place impressed me on several levels, but then failed on one final thing. The place itself is great, its actually built up in a huge old warehouse, we were actually seated inside of a real hollowed out old trolley car, so the atmosphere is great. Quickly the waiter comes out with your complementary sour dough bread, which is equal to the cheesecake factory or cap city, but the warehouse actually provides a large cup of their special butter. I don’t know if its garlic or what, but it tastes a lot better than the other restaurants free bread butter. We ordered appetizers, cheese sticks. They were the same sticks you’d get at any other restaurant. The meals that we ordered came with either soup, or salad. They bring out your salad/soup as soon as you are done with your free bread, so that was very convenient. I got the Italian soup, which is basically a more bland chicken noodle soup with little sausage balls. Still good though for a soup, and it was in a regular size bowl. So, everything is looking good so far, the waiter even brought us another loaf of bread and butter to eat while waiting on our main meals. The main meals were the disappointment. First of all, for some reason I just expected a larger portion of spaghetti for six bucks a pop… Also, I suppose its my fault for not specifying, but the default spaghetti is that regular big noodles that we all ate in high school. By now I’m used to getting angel hair whenever I order anything, but I suppose I should have asked. The sauce itself was adequate, but tasted like high school cafeteria meat sauce. So, Da Vinci’s in Williamstown is still the best spaghetti I’ve had at a restaurant. Celeste ordered the Clam sauce spaghetti. She said it was good, but she was sure that the “clams” were actually just scallops in disguise, and since she grew up next to the ocean, I’ll trust her judgment on that one. For desert we ordered the 12 layer chocolate cake, which was actually pretty big, and pretty good. All in all, I’d say I would go there again, but probably in a group next time. The lack of sophistication in their entrees makes the warehouse a decent but not good place for a romantic dinner.

Before we went to the warehouse, we went to walmart. Last year I bought celeste a watch for her birthday and a week ago it stopped working. The employee told me that they couldn’t fix the watch and we could either replace it or just take the money. They didn’t have the same watch, but a very similar one, so we traded it in. However, before purchasing it, it needed to be adjusted. It took us an hour to adjust the little moving pin. The culprit turned out to be a faulty design in the watch itself. There was a small raised part that prevented us from snapping the pin into the holes. So, eventually we took a flathead screwdriver and a hammer and pounded the raised part down, then the pin snapped in like magic.

I doubt I’m going to work much on the website this weekend, too much academia to catch up on. I took the first two business midterms last week and got Bs in both of them. I really need to get all As this quarter to raise my GPA back to the 3.7 mark. It fell from there to 3.68 last quarter.

I have received no word on my grad school application or my scholarship application, and celeste has yet to hear from the nursing department.

In other news, celeste started working for the disability services department last week. It seems like a boring job, but its money.

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