new camera, tail lights, psycho, stupid microsoft

If you want to see what I’ve been doing with the digital camera, email me your yahoo ID because I put the stuff in a private folder in my yahoo briefcase.

Tail light update: They are shipping the next pair on February 17th… The delay is due to the fact that they are going to have someone check the lights to see if they are broken or not before shipping this time. Although….jeez…how slow doe the people walk there (or how BIG can that warehouse be?)?

I’m a psycho, so I’ve started redesigning the website again. This time I’m going for a totally minimalist approach. I’m also going to commit to a no-nonsense host. I’ve seen some cheap hosts already, but if anyone has any cheap ones to tell me about, send me an email.

As I stated about a month ago, when I switched my hard drive over the “new” motherboard I had to reinstall XP and it destroyed all my less than legal software registration. I recovered a few programs already, but it looks like dreamweaver won’t be coming back (or at least any time soon). I downloaded the free trial of MX, but that runs out on Thursday, so I don’t know how I’ll update this page in the future…..we’ll see….

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