Art Walk December

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Art Walk December

Sam and I went to the Art Walk on Thursday night.  It was dead.  There weren’t very many open galleries.

There was a new “gallery” that was referred to as the Art Walk Lounge.  In the back there was a circle of easels with canvases.  It seemed like the people doing live paintings were complete amateurs (perhaps just art walk attendees?).

However, there were free Jarritos bottles being passed out by the door, so it all worked out.  Well… not exactly.. Jarritos is so bad I couldn’t even finish a whole bottle.

Another gallery had a digital canvas where participants could use a fake spray paint bottle and “spray” their words onto a transclucent screen.

Despite the lack of people (and galleries) on this art walk there were still plenty of crazy people and street musicians, sometimes both at the same time.

Lastly, we came to the Hive.  This month the theme was simply art under $300.  The “tall wall” was taken by Larkin, one of my favorites artists that regularly exhibits there.

below is my little 7″x5″ piece on the wall.  Even though it’s really small it took me a month to make because I had to do it while completing my MBA (more on that in a future blog post).


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