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What is interesting is if you look at the state of California we’ve paid (as of the time I’m writing this) over 22.5 billion while Ohio has contributed 6. California didn’t vote a self-described “war president” into office, neither the time he was appointed by god’s divine hand nor the time he was elected.

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  1. this kind of simplistic number flim flam is typical of the left–you cannot tie a states “payment” to a specific expense. Nobody anywhere has exact numbers for the fed’s income and expenses-the only numbers that matter are the ones the individual produces through work (and no one in any government produces any real things…capital). Also, no president in history has had much of an impact on the actual state of the economy but they still beat that drum because they have a number that they can use as though it actually means something to the voters. The only way these war numbers would make sence is if you could somehow determine the actual percentage of capital production -taxed specifacally by the fed for that purpose-imposed on each capital producing worker. ipse dixit.

  2. Money spent on the getty center should have been spent on buying cell phones for poor kids in compton. That will make my life better in Marietta.

  3. my thinking exactly.

    if you voted for Dubya and want to contribute to his war go ahead. I didn’t vote for him, so I’d rather contribute to something I feel benefits me more.

    By the way, we didn’t HAVE to go to the getty center, but we HAVE to pay taxes.

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