The Jerk (episode I)

The Jerk (episode I)

Since Amy’s first visit to Columbus was on June 27th 2004 we decided to celebrate this weekend as the one year anniversary of when we started dating. I planned to take her out to dinner and a movie. We first tried Hooters, which should be renamed Push-Ups. They didn’t really have any entrées (neither of us had been there before) so we walked out and went up the street. We ended up at Chevys and had crappy food (I guess that location is always bad). Worst Chile Relleno Ever. Anyway, all Simpsons jokes aside it was pretty bad. They wanted to charge us a dollar for sour cream (it wasn’t included in either of our dishes). We left the restaurant too late to see a movie, so we went home and watched Minority Report.

The whole week Amy had been joking that she’d bring Iyves with us to dinner. When we got back to the car she announced that he had been with us the whole time. I stared in disbelief. Then out of her purse she produced a small box and handed it to me. Inside was a black Tumi wallet. Inside the wallet was a picture of Iyves. I felt/feel like a real jerk because I didn’t get her anything. I’d actually spotted the wallet/s at Tumi when she introduced them to me at a shop in Westwood a few months before. It is the nicest wallet I’ve ever had, and instantly replaced the “genuine leathe” (sic) wallet I bought in Tijuana last year.

On Sunday we went to Hollywood Video and the girl behind the counter told me “you look just like Ewen McGregor.” This made us bust out laughing as Ewen is one of Amy’s favorite actors.

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