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As usual when there aren’t any posts here for a few months it means there is quite a bit going on in real life.  Our home has hosted four guests in a span of about five weeks for a total of maybe 14 days.  So, we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with our guests, and doing lots of laundry to replace the sheets between them.

Our second guest, my mom, came in March for a conference in San Diego and stayed a few days with  us afterward.  When we picked her up we headed to Point Loma, where we looked up a relative’s grave in the national cemetery there.   We’ve been to the Punchbowl national cemetery in Hawaii, but this one seems much better because it’s actually right on a cliff in front of the Pacific.

Nearby we checked out the park and the lighthouse with a great view of San Diego before they closed.

That night and the next day we helped my mom test drive cars in search for her next one.

In April we went hiking with my coworker on the Mt. Wilson trail.  We walked down to first water and continued up the stream for maybe an hour in the shade, meeting more lizards than people on the way.

At some point we headed to Hollywood overlook.  For anyone who hasn’t come stay with us yet, what are you waiting for?… just look how close we are to the Hollywood sign:

Actually – I guess the sign is hard to see in the 600px width picture on this blog, but we live in that red roofed building on the right, and the hollywood sign is up there on that mountain on the left.  That little white building on the top of the hill on the right… that’s Griffith Park Observatory.

Turn to the right just a bit and you can see the 101 winding towards downtown after passing between the Ford Theater and Hollywood Bowl.

Oh – and I managed to get another full year older at some point in the last two months as well…

Birthday breakfast:

and dinner

and dessert


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