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across town

On Friday night Beverly’s connections at the British Embassy once again netted us a good time. We were able to attend a free private screening on the Paramount studios lot for Across the Universe. This is the private theater used at the studio to screen their films for employees. As such it was 100 times plusher than any theater I’ve been to (even the Bridge in Culver City).

If you’ll recall I was part of the test audience to screen the film over a year ago (it was finally released to the public in September 2007). My review can be found here . I stand by it. It isn’t a bad film per se – I just can’t get over hearing someone else sing the songs (and not in a particularly interesting way). It is this same reason that The Wall (film) doesn’t sit right with me.

Plus I suppose I’m just not a fan of (film) musicals.

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