Leaky part III: Thwarted at every turn

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Leaky part III: Thwarted at every turn

Today I called the HOA office as soon as they opened. This time I didn’t talk to Jennifer, but some other woman. This woman dug up a sheet on the plumbing procedures for the building. She said that I didn’t need to shut off the water for the entire building – but just for my condo and the one below me. She said there were four numbered valves in the garage directly underneath my condo that I needed to find and close.

Okay – that info would have helped me a lot on Saturday OR Sunday… but I digress…

On my lunch break I went to Lowes (there is one near work) to get the valves. I came armed with an 8.5×11 print out of the picture of the valves in my last blog post below. The first employee (in the plumbing section, mind you) didn’t even know what a valve was or where they were. After walking around for a while I had to get the “section manager” (or whatever his title was). This guy was sure from my picture that I needed a 5/8″ inlet with a 3/8″ for the cold and a 5/8″ – 3/8″ – 1/2″ for the hot (he thought the dishwasher connection looked like a 1/2″ connection). Only problem was – they were all out of the 5/8″-3’/8″-1/2″ valves. We stood there and rummaged through every single box because people usually toss stuff around… nope… nothing…

So I left Lowes with nothing and ate lunch at Burger King as I needed something fast since I’d wasted almost 45 minutes at Lowes.

To be continued after work……

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