20 credits 25 hours

20 credits 25 hours

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I’m now taking 20 credit hours and working 25 hours a week, that doesn’t leave a whole lotta free time. I’m trying to find a job that pays better so I can work less and at least make the same amount, but nobody is hiring for anything except telemarketing right now.

Well, here is an update on the digital camera fiasco… I called the company a bunch of times, always hanging up after being on hold for over 20 minutes. So, Wednesday, I just stayed on hold, put the phone on speakerphone and went about my day. After about 45 minutes, some fool picked up the phone. I told him what happened (where is my camera!?!) and he told me “uh…our tracking number machine is down and your package was shipped last thursday.” Less than an hour later I got an email from them with a tracking number and a NEW ORDER number. When I checked the tracking number at fedex.com it was just as I suspected, they had only given my package to fedex AFTER I CALLED, not last thursday. Apparently they were just going to sit on my money and hope I would never call and complain. So, they sent it second day delivery instead of the regular ground shipping. Both the camera and the new tail-lights came on Friday. The camera is great, incredible clarity and detail blah blah blah. A christmas gift from mom/dad, so, thanks guys! The same can’t be said about the tail-lights however as they arrived BROKEN AGAIN! We called crutchfield and they are sending new ones to us AGAIN, but this time checking at the warehouse to see if they are broken prior to shipping out. The thing that gets me is, they are shipping these big pieces of glass….but no “fragile” stamping anywhere on the box…

The lights costed less than $100 because I got the other $100 from celeste’s insurance company (hail damage), but this is a long time to just sit and wait for something to show for the money, not to mention it was supposed to be a CHRISTMAS PRESENT…remember that christmas thing…about three weeks ago…good thing I didn’t try to order them and suprise her…

I’m turning in my application for the OSU Masters program tomorrow and Celeste turned in her OSU Nursing school application Friday, so wish us both luck. OSU is notorious for making quick decisions and then waiting 6 months to tell anybody about it though, so it may be a while before we find anything out.

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