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The quarter started yesterday and I waltzed into the art office to finally find the answers to my burning questions. YES, I did get my thesis project approved. YES, I can graduate with distinction if I complete the project. YES, I did get funding, $800 in fact. However, they said I probably wouldn’t see any of the money until spring quarter because they use it to pay tuition, and my tuition has already been received for this quarter. I also found out that I only have to keep up a 3.3 GPA to do the thesis project. Although, I obviously can’t graduate Summa Whatever with a 3.3, so I’m hoping to raise my faltering GPA back up to a 3.7 (it took a .02 hit after fall quarter).

In other news, for christmas I ordered celeste some of those clear “euro” altezza tail lights because one of the tail lights was broken in the hail storm two months ago. They came today from UPS and they were BOTH BROKEN. We were very disappointed, but I called crutchfield up and they are sending out replacements today. Now we have to find a UPS pick-up point though to send the others back… On the same day that I ordered the lights, I ordered the digital camera. Now, I didn’t order it from crutchfield I ordered it from [url=http://www.buydig.com,]www.buydig.com,[/url] which had numerous accreditations attesting its validity (including the BBB seal). Buydig took the money (quite a chunk of change…) from my bank account on the 2nd, but I still have yet to receive even the tracking number on my package… Now whenever I call any of the numbers on the site I get hung up on automatically. I filed a complaint with the BBB this morning, so we’ll see what happens. It also makes me worry, if those lights can come broken…what about the delicate lens in the camera….

Well, now I’ve got homework to do before going to class for 4 hours and then work for another 6.

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